Friday, October 5, 2012

Thoughts on Transitions

Good news.

It's finally cooling down here in garlic land.

It was 107* on Monday, and today the high is only 75*. I nearly jumped for joy when I saw rain the in forecast next week.

That means we are transitioning to fall, and since we are in a totally new town I have NO idea what that will be like. Some people around here talk about winter like we live in the midwest and it snows or something...which I don't think it does but I guess I'll have to check back with you in January.
Speaking of transitions, I'm experiencing one that I didn't quite expect when I got married.

A transition of wardrobe.

A couple weeks ago I noticed that my clothes just don't feel right anymore. They don't feel like they're mine, they feel too...too...I don't know, just not right.

Am I totally nuts?

Now that I'm typing it out it sounds more strange than I intended. But I'm wondering if I'm not alone in this.

Is the change you experience with marriage so drastic that even your clothes don't feel right? I definitely feel my identity has changed as a woman, but I surely did not expect my clothes to feel different.

Tell me I'm not alone. 

Luckily, I live less than 5 minutes from the Outlets, but I definitely don't want to resort to buying a new wardrobe altogether.

And not having a job yet is making buying new clothes slightly difficult. Until recently I didn't understand the full weight of being "overqualified" for a job, but that is apparently why I'm not getting hired anywhere.

BUT. In the midst of all this free time, creative energy is flowing and I'm ready to get started on some fun things, maybe a new career path? Maybe I'll save that big announcement for next week ;)

Ok off to get dressed, run errands, and avoid cleaning the house!

Happy weekend!

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  1. my whole wardrobe changed when I had! no more heels no more clothing that required me to be a lady lol bending down, scooping up, walking/running after a toddler :) while tring to keep some sense of style!