Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Handmade Happiness

I've always loved handmade, original things.
My mom has been taking me to art fairs and festivals since childhood and there is something special about supporting small creative businesses. 

When I ran out of time and energy to make wedding decorations, I would order them from a handmade shop in order to support someone else's shop, it felt really great that I wasn't contributing to another corporate giant making money from people's weddings!

All of that being said, in my current period of unemployment I have been creating again. I'm so glad I have the time and energy to make pretty things, and I hope that my work pays off! I would love to have a booth in an art festival, I think I'll make that a goal for this next year...but until then I'll be joining Hannah and some other great gals for the Holiday Handmade Market!

I'm so excited for this great opportunity! 

Watch for the handmade holiday posts on her blog for special discounts and giveaways from my shop and some other lovely handmade shops. 

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