Monday, October 1, 2012

Music Monday

Happy Monday Friends!
I'm exhausted from the weekend, it was a good one.

I've been buying a lot of music lately, probably too much actually.
It all started with an ITunes gift card my brother gave me for my birthday...and once I started buying new music I just couldn't stop!

Here are some of my current faves:

1. The hippie inside of me loves Trevor Hall. Never heard of him? My freshman roommate got me into him and when I went to see him live, I was sold for life. His music is a little folky, a little reggae, and a lot awesome. 

My all time favorite song by him is "The Lime Tree".
I own it in 5 different versions, and sometimes I cry it's so good.
I can't believe I really just admitted that.
Moving on!

2. Shane and Shane's latest album also rocks my world. My favorite song is "Without You", the lyrics get straight to my heart. "If Your presence goes I don't want to stay, if Your presence stays I don't want to go...I need you"

"Liberty" is also another song that makes me bob my head and tap my feet, I woke up in the middle of the night singing it to myself!

3. Obviously, Mumford & Sons new album is amazing. I'm not sure I really needed to tell you because you probably already know. What is your favorite song on the new album? 

I have a couple favorites: "Holland Road" and "Babel"...but let's be real, they are all good. I would love to see them live this year!

4. Ok this one is for all you David Crowder Band haters. Most of his music has been kind of weird the past few years, and not really worth purchasing. But, I promise promise promise his new album is SUPER good. It's also their last album. 
Warning: it has 35 tracks. If you don't want to buy the whole thing with all of the weird instrumental's and phone calls I totally get it. But the actual real songs are really worth it: "After All", "God Have Mercy", "Oh Great God Give Us Rest", "Oh My God", "Let Me Feel You Shine" -- All of them are toe tapping anthems!

5. How could I forget The Fray? Their recent album is amazing as well! They did a couple remakes of old songs like "Maps" (originally by The Yeah Yeah Yeah's) and "Ready or Not"(originally by The Fugees)

My personal favorite on the album is "Munich", this is honestly some of their best stuff yet!

This post made me realize that I probably should stick to Pandora for a while, I need to cool it on the purchasing! I hope you guys go and sample these albums and see if you enjoy them too!

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