Monday, October 22, 2012

So-Cal Roadtrip!

This past weekend was such a happy one, and such an unplanned one! Last week we had no intentions of going to Disneyland, but we couldn't resist the invitation from our family to go to Disneyland and stay with Kristina in San Diego.

I say family because Seth and Alex are like brothers, they grew up together and have been real BFF's forever. Kristina is Alex's sister, and thus Seth's sister and now technically my sister in law? That would be weird if I called her sister because then Seth would be like my brother...

ok moving on.

Seth got out of class early on Friday so we began our journey down the interstate with a little drive through Subway.  We got into L.A around 4:30...hit traffic until we got to Fullerton at 8:30..which means we went about 50 miles in 4 hours. It was horrendous, but I guess you can't expect much less in L.A.  We stopped for dinner with our good friend Sean in Fullerton, we had the best fish and chips on the continent at The Old Ship restaurant in Fullerton, I highly recommend it if your from the area!

Alex's flight didn't get into San Diego until 10:30, so we took our time heading down the coast to Kristina's house and got there right when we needed to leave to get Alex! We picked him up and headed for a couple drinks in PB (Pacific Beach), if you're from the area you never call it Pacific Beach just "PB"!

We went back to Kristinas, met her roommates ADORABLE pet bunny that just roams the house all day Benny, and tried to get some sleep before getting up early for a full day at Disneyland!

We got to the park at was rainy but not too bad. Our first stop was cars land! We were all set with our bride and groom ears, too! The new Cars Land is amazing, they did such a great job. We decided to go single rider on the main ride because the line was already 75 minutes long at 8:30! It is totally worth the wait. Also, it is totally worth milking the fact that you are newlyweds at Disneyland, we got a bunch of free stuff!

Also, we went to Town Hall to get our "Just Married" pins, and to get a handicap pass for Seth. He hurt his foot a few weeks ago and has trouble walking and standing on it for a long time, the pass is also an amazing way to get to the front of the line! It was actually really good for Seth to have the pass because there were benches in some of the lines so he (and the rest of us) could sit down during the super long waits! We always try and go in the "off" season, but I don't think that exists anymore at was super busy.

We explored the new Mad Hatter part of California adventure and were excited for the dance party that was going to take place later. We also, had some fun waiting in the long lines...

don't they look super excited?

The highlight of my day was getting to see a host of one of my favorite morning shows.  I tried to take a picture and be sneaky about it, but it wasn't really happening. Here you see Alex, and the guy behind him (his profile) is on my favorite morning show "Right This Minute".  I first noticed him and thought he was from CSI or Criminal Minds..but when I saw his daughter wearing a shirt that had the show's logo I figured it out!

This was in line for Toy Story's Midway Mania, it always always always has a long line so we crossed back and forth with Nick Calderone from Right This Minute for over an hour! Then I got my butt kicked in the gaming ride.  It was still a blast.

By the end of the day are feet were hurting, backs were tired, but we were still wanting to get our money's worth out of our ticket. We went to the dance party at the Mad Hatter, and though it was appropriate to switch hats, people got a major kick out of that!

I slept most of the hour and half ride back to San Diego that night, we had such a long day but it was so worth it! Sunday morning I woke up hurting more than I imagined, having spent over 13 hours in the park I guess I wasn't really surprised either.

Alex and I walked to get coffee along the beach. Kristina lives in this amazing little place called Mission Beach, it is one road of beach houses and beachfront shops and restaurants! It is the epitome of California living, I hope we get to visit her again. 

We headed back north and stopped in Fullerton again to see our same friends! This time with Sean's wife Carolyn who was working on Friday night. We went to this AMAZING place called Pieology, it is like Chipotle but for pizza.  Basically, they need to franchise that ish and bring it to northern California. It was so dang yummy.

Finally, we visited with their pet pig Rodeo.  Well, it's not really theirs, but the family that they live in the back house of owns him and he is the funniest little pet I have ever seen. His huge belly dangles barely 1 inch over the ground as he walks. Definitely the most interesting pet I have ever encountered. 

It was a long drive home, but Seth and I always manage to entertain ourselves nonetheless. Our drive included driving gangster style, jamming out to rock and rap oldies, reading from our new favorite devotional courtesy of Cindy, and in the end, debating about the theological correctness of my current favorite worship song.  Road trips are the best with this guy, I look forward to so many more in this life.

How was your weekend?!


  1. disneyland is so fun.

    we once saw santa clause rollerskating down a stretch of claifornia beach that looked the same.

    you will look back on this blog and be so thrilled you kept an "online scrapbook" of all your adventures.

  2. awww what fun! Our daughter is begging to go back...I see a trip in our future soon :)