Our Love Story

BM and I met when we were leaders for Young Life ministries. I was in High School, he was dating a girl across the ocean. I thought he was cute and was really bummed when Facebook told he me was already dating someone.

We flirted for months, he followed me around school sometimes to try to talk to me, we became buddies, and we bonded over the hopeless attempts of another leaders ploys to get me to like him.

When he became single, you bet I noticed.

On a warm June night I was walking downtown to get ice cream when I see a certain bearded man stick his head out of a passing car yelling my name. Little did either of us know that that moment would change our lives.  We hung out for the first time that night, just us.

We smoked hookah and I got excited when our knees touched on the bench. I updated my status with a smiley face, and teased him about making my hair smell like raspberry hookah. A week after that we had our first date. We went to a scary movie and ate pie until 3 am.

In the next few weeks my heart was a flurry. I knew I was going to marry this man. I just knew it.

We started dating late in July. Seth took me to one of his favorite spots overlooking the whole bay area, but it just so happened that it was so foggy you couldn't even see past the hood of the car. I knew why we were there, he asked if we could try again tomorrow, he wanted it to be just right, but I said no, so we went outside for 2.5 seconds and he asked me to be his girl.

The next 4 years were a total whirlwind.

In September I moved to Seattle to start college. We agreed to push through the distance.
And we pushed...hard.
It wasn't easy, but two years later, I transferred back to school in California and we were able to live in the same state again. 

Two years after that it was time to declare forever.

In February of 2012 Seth took me to that same street corner where everything began and he got down on one knee.
Never did I think I would marry such a sweet, romantic, and loving man..he is perfect for me. He is everything I am not: laid back, goofy, and tender. 

Seven months later, we were married right down the road from where Seth asked me to be his girl. It was the best day of my life so far. I look forward to so many more years together. So so many. 

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