Friday, September 28, 2012


Well it's that time again.

A glimpse of life through my iPhone! 

It was a quiet week on insta for us, mostly because I've been working on some new my shop grand re-opening and Seth has been working hard in school.

I'm excited to re-open! Hobby Lobby has given me some new creative energy, and hopefully it will provide for us a little bit while I'm still unemployed.

Anywho, more on that later! Here is a few instas for you :)

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On Saturday we headed to Monterey for a local brewery's second annual beer garden. $40 for unlimited beer and BBQ? Count us in.

On Sunday we tried out a local church called West Hills. Keep praying for us as we search!

I tried a new recipe including some of our favorite ingredients. PinterTest kitchen post coming soon!

Can I just be honest? 
I hate halloween.
But my husband loves it, so I gotta get kfestive. This was my contribution while my momma dropped off some festive kitchen towels.

We bought a new coffee table!
Too bad I already ruined it with nail polish remover.
Worst housewife ever.

Sneak peak of some of my new stuff. Can't wait!

Have you downloaded this yet? It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
Also, this insta was replied to by Joy Eggerichs on twitter, which had me feeling really awesome ALL day.

Also, we got a sneak peak of some of our wedding photos on Tuesday. 
Our photographers freakin' rock.
rockity rock rock.

Well, we're off to enjoy another weekend.
I know it's going to be a good one!
I love that Seth is in school because he has real weekends again, he used to have to work all the time. 

Have a great one!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Easiest DIY Glass Cabinet Fix Ever

When my mother-in-law bought us this fun, funky red glass door cabinet, I was super excited. I knew it would fit perfectly into our bathroom that could win awards for how awkwardly shaped it is. 

Our apartment was truly built by a man. What do I mean by that?

It has NO storage. Literally, none. No cabinet in the bathroom. No drawers in the kitchen, no CABINETS in the kitchen.  It has been one of the most interesting journeys trying to find homes for all of our stuff.

So back to this funky red cabinet..I was so excited cause it would hold all of our stuff. But hiding our stuff was another story.  Day and in day out I have been staring at our shaving cream, face wash, deodorant, tampons, and toilet paper wondering when it would magically look nice. 

If the cabinet stayed empty all of the time the cabinets would be no problem, but we all know that empty cabinets will never happen to newlyweds who still have wedding gifts being shipped to their parents house 3 weeks later!

Exhibit A:

This is what I've been staring at every day wondering how I could fix. So as I am preparing to get back into scrapbooking with all of the wedding photos, I've been shopping for paper. And it occurred to me that the width and height of these cabinets might fit a couple 12x12's really nicely.

I was right! 
I would love to tell you how I intricately attached the papers but all I really used was scotch tape on the parts that aren't showing. I didn't find 4 sheets of the same paper, so I found some that were alike.  I had to cut about an inch off of the top sheet so there wasn't a weird seam where the two pages met. 
I used paper from a "photo real" stack that I bought a long time ago thinking it could be used really creatively. 

The finished product: 

I'm super super happy with how it all came out. 

And it took less than 10 minutes. 

It's so easy to change the paper too, if I ever get sick of flowers. Which isn't likely but, you know. 

If you have a glass cabinet, clear glass door, shelf, or drawer that needs some major help like ours did I would recommend this in an instant!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thoughts on a Tuesday

I'm kind of glad NFL season is here.

Not because I've ever enjoyed the game, I've never been able to sit through an entire game without falling asleep actually.

But maybe, just maybe, people will shut up for a few minutes about politics.

Because football doesn't matter, but politics surely does.  We have seen in the last four years how major policy change can affect our every day lives.

99% of what I see on Facebook and hear in general conversation is entirely mudslinging, false information, and an exaggerated version of the truth.

If Romney really hated women, would he have a supportive wife? For those who like to use that comment as some kind of attack on Romney, take a step back and look what HE is actually trying to achieve with his policy and not what you think he is trying to achieve.

I have learned so much in the past few months by looking at things from other peoples perspectives and intentions. I guarantee that Romney's policies dealing with women's rights are not malicious in intent.

His policy tendencies come from his opinions and beliefs about life and sex, just like Obama has his own beliefs and opinions about the same things. We go back to the same issue of respect in this case, we expect people to respect our beliefs regardless if they are the same as ours.

All of the slinging that goes towards Obama is pretty bad too. I haven't heard a ton of the ridiculous stuff lately, but I remember back to 2008 when he was running and some of the crap that people come up with is astounding. Just so we're clear, I don't agree with a lot of his policies, but that doesn't mean I don't respect him as a President. He has different beliefs and opinions about the best way to do things, and the last time I checked, free thinking was promoted in this country!

If we based the election PURELY on policy and not on personal life, I really would like to know what the election would look like.

If the tabloids weren't allowed to post anything but TRUE stories about the candidates, yes the election would be a lot less exciting, but it might actually restore some actual politics to this country.

I dream of an election that takes place without mudslinging, emotionally charged gossip, and lies.

I don't want to bow out of the political realm all together, I think there is still hope for American politics....somewhere.

Change takes place at the roots. I'm challenging my friends and family to take this election for what it is actually about, policy; maybe this will catch fire and change how our generation communicates about politics. And if you don't agree with the policy for real reasons other than emotional and personal than feel free to share your opinions, but sheesh, were not going to win anyone to either side by screaming at each other and attacking each others personal beliefs.

And trust me, I will continue to mark dumb Facebook posts as spam until the cows come home. Politics shouldn't be about snarky comments about Obama being a Muslim or Romney being a woman hater. Politics shouldn't aim to tug at our heartstrings, it should be about the best policies for our country and it's amazing people, whether they are democrats, republicans, green party, or hippies.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinterest Wedding Success!

When I bought our wedding "guest libs", I was SO excited. And I still am really excited that we decided to spend the money on them, Seth and I are still rolling in laughter when we decide to read a few before bed!

I originally pinned these:

I knew I had to have them as soon I saw them.

The shop owner on Etsy was super easy to communicate with, I got the colors I wanted and they arrived on thick card stock in good time! They were actually the first thing I ordered online for the wedding, and it was so hard to wait 6 months to use them!

If you need a good time filler between cocktail hour and dinner like we did, this is a great idea. 

My plan is to make a nice book out of all of them so we can be laughing for years to come :)

I may be making a small series of all the fantastic wedding ideas I got from Pinterest in the next few weeks, too!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Love & Respect

My world has been rocked in the last few days.

Not from a song.
Or a news story.
Or a new outfit (let's be honest, sometimes new outfits have that power)

But a book.

Now, I promise I'm not usually the type to be "changed" by a book.  I normally read things with a grain of salt, especially if they are promising me something. "30 days to a better marriage", "25 days to your dream body"...bla bla bla.

But I picked this particular book up not out of new curiosity, but out of years of mulling over an idea I read in another book in college.

Did I just really confuse you?

Ok well the other book is called "For women only, what you need to know about the inner lives of men". The first chapter is about respect, and yesterday morning after a sleepless night I felt compelled to pick it up and read it again.  Now, the first chapter mentions said life changing book 3 or 4 times, which sparked my curiosity.

So I did what I do best and googled this other book.

And suddenly a revelation.

I had passed and picked up this book multiple times before, but decided that it wasn't my time to read it.

Well, now it was time. 

I found a comfy spot in the B&N cafe and started reading. And while there was conviction and revelation about some of the ugly stuff in my heart towards my husband (it was stuff that has been there for a long time, not just two weeks), there was a TON of hope. So much hope I got through the first half of the book in one sitting.

It talks about the age old struggle between men and women and how they communicate. Women aren't getting enough love and men aren't getting heard it, respect.  What surprised me most is that most men can't articulate their need for respect, but once they heard this idea they suddenly said "yes, that's exactly what it is". It talks about how men shut down during arguments because of how disrespected they feel, but that women don't even know they're disrespecting their men! The hardest part is that most of the disrespect and unloving behavior that goes on between men and women is unintentional, because men and women perceive actions and words through completely different lenses and hearing aids.

If women expect unconditional love from their husbands, then husbands have the same right to expect unconditional respect from their wives.

That hit me like a ton of bricks. That takes my ugly, it's all about me attitude and sin and throws it out the window.

Basically, if you are married or in a serious relationship I HIGHLY suggest this book. I might bug you about it until you read it.

Next on my reading list is Mark & Grace Driscoll's "Real Marriage" -- I'm already anticipating a huge smack in the face from that one, so I'll let you know when we get there :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Morning Virtual Coffee Date

Good morning blog friends. It's a little foggy and dark down here in garlic land am I'm contemplating what to do with my day.

Maybe yoga?
Maybe gym?
Definitely cleaning, again.
Definitely grocery shopping.
Maybe some organizing.
The options are endless while I'm unemployed.

If we were out for a real time coffee date I would tell you about the huge transition my life seems to be in.

Newly married.
New town.
No local friends.
No job.
No church home, yet.

I would tell you about the countless jobs I've applied to in the past week, and how I'm trying not to sell myself short by applying at a job someone right out of high school could get. I would tell you that I'm not being patient, you see I'm not very good at this patience thing. I would tell you about my goal at the end of the week to have at least one interview. I would tell you that Seth and I are praying for direction for a job for me, but that I'm still not great at being patient, so to pray for that too.

I would tell you that going into event-planning is sounding really appealing right now. But maybe that's the wedding planning stuff still lingering. I would express my excitement after all of the positive feedback we got from our wedding, I had so many people tell me that I could plan weddings professionally, I just wish it wasn't such a hard industry to get in to.

I would tell you that current life seems to be dream-like. I keep waking up next to Seth and thinking we are on vacation, or that somehow this isn't all real. I would ask if it was the same for you when you got married. But then I would explain how waking up next to Seth every morning feels right, and that marriage is a great blessing that God has given us.

I would tell you that cooking has been interesting, especially when meal-planning and grocery shopping is totally foreign to me.  I would tell you of Seth's graciousness, or maybe his lack of pickiness. Last night he told me that dinner tasted like I'd been cooking for 50 years, I wonder if our dinner guests would say the same thing.

Speaking of dinner guests, I would ask if you wanted to come down to Gilroy for the evening.  We provide dinner, wine, games, and maybe hookah if you're interested.  We like having people over, we like entertaining...I think this will be a trend for our family. Speaking of family, I would ask why as soon as you're married people start asking about kids. I've been asked at least 4 times when we're going to start having kids!

I would tell you about the church we have now visited twice. It's in North San Jose, and it takes about 30 mins to get there from our place. Every time we mention that we live in Gilroy, people practically shriek and ask if it's too far for us to come. If I'm being honest, it doesn't make me feel great when people ask that so we are going to try another Acts 29 church soon that's closer to us. I would tell you that once we find a church home, I will feel more at home, and that the puzzle of our busy life will feel more complete.

There's a chance that you would ask about Seth and school, I would smile and tell you that he is really enjoying it.  Not only is he enjoying it, but he is excelling at it too! I might express my worry about the job market for A&P mechanics for when he is done, and that I constantly need to be reminded of God's sovereignty over that.  There's a lot of "What-If's" in our life right now, I would ask you to join me in prayer about the huge "What-If's".

You might ask about my Etsy shop and handmade crafty business. I would tell you that I have some ideas brewing, but until I have a job situation figured out I don't want to make any moves. I would tell you about our huge closet full of all the stuff that we don't have room for, and that includes crafts. But then I would tell you about how excited I am to get our wedding pictures back so I can start scrapbooking. Because, you can ALWAYS make time for scrapbooking your wedding!

After all of that information, you might be a little sick of me talking so I might let you update me on your life. I enjoy listening to other peoples life stories, I don't ever compare them to my own but smile at the complexity of everyone's story and the variety of it all.  I would encourage you to be totally present wherever you are, to enjoy it all, to drink it all in, and to find some way to record and remember it all.

I would now conclude our date. In this time I have decided to go to yoga, all the wedding stress made my muscles become super tense so I've got to find a way to let it out! I would give you a hug and send you on your way...

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday's Devotion

I loved the devotion from "Jesus Calling" for today so I thought I'd share it with you! If you haven't picked up this little devotional before its sweet and an easy read for those who struggle with finding a devotion that they like!

Rest in me, my child. This time devoted to Me is meant to be peaceful, not stressful. You don't have to perform in order to receive My love. I have boundless, unconditional love for you. How it grieves Me to see My children working for love; trying harder and harder, yet never feeling good enough to be loved.
Be careful that your devotion to Me does not become another form of works. I want you to come into My presence joyfully and confidently. You have nothing to fear, for you wear My own righteousnes. Gaze into My eyes, and you will see no condemnation, only Love and delight in the one I see. Be blessed as My face shines radiantly upon you, giving you peace.

John 15:13; Zephaniah 3:17; Numbers 6:25-26

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Insta-Friday Newlywed Addition

It's been a while since I've participated in Insta-Friday. You see, life was pretty nuts for a while but now I have time to settle back into normal.

As a bride you hear about this absence you feel once the wedding is over, and I find myself feeling so relieved. Especially after all of the positive feedback from our friends and family, I feel at peace with the entire event and so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to get married! God truly provided peace when I needed it most, and we trust that He is continually providing it for us in our newly married life!

Here's a few favorites from the last week (or so):
Em and I bachelorette-ing it up! 
Snuggling with my besties on my bed for the last time...
loved my bride jacket!!
My fancy, beautiful bridesmaids!
No caption needed :)
YAY! we're married!!
And we get to enjoy our grooms cake! It was delicious.

We like being married, a lot.

Just one of our incredible gifts. My childhood babysitter got us these, having not seen me in at least 10 years. She didn't know we were huge Disney fans! How amazing is that!
I hung up our guest book tree from the wedding and I couldn't be happier, it's so cute!

Life is now about job hunting, home organizing, and learning how to cook. Somewhat mundane, but I'm so excited for what this season has to offer!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Farewell, Summer.

Word on the street is that summer's over.

Oh really? You should come and live in Gilroy with us, summer's still alive and well down in Garlic land.

Our poor landlord might shriek when he see's the electric bill, sorry dude, the AC stays on all night if you want either of us to sleep!

All of that being said, this summer was one of my favorite summers of all.

I got to fly to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) to surprise Ash at her graduation. 
Mel and I schemed and pulled off a fantastic surprise, it was truly one of my favorite weekends with these girls. 

I flew to Milwaukee to watch my cousin get married!

I was blessed with three amazing showers. 

I celebrated my 22nd birthday.

We celebrated four years of dating.

And finally...
you totally saw this one coming.
We got to celebrate the best day ever. 
ever ever ever ever.

Goodbye, summer.
You sure treated me well.