About Me

Hey there.
My name is Jamie Van Nuys. 
I'm a wife to an awesome, super punny man.
He makes me giggle, a lot. Our relationship is built on laughter -- and love too, of course. 
But, we laugh all the time. 

I love Jesus more than life. His grace is all consuming and His mercy is overwhelming.

Seth and I live in Gilroy, California -- just south of San Jose. I dream one day of going back to Seattle though. I went to college in Seattle, and left a big chunk of my heart there with these two ladies.

Seth goes to school full time to be an aircraft mechanic, hence why we live in the most random town in California. I used to say that it is only temporary, but I am slowly learning that God has placed us here for a specific purpose, unbeknownst to me but it's becoming clearer with each and every day. 

We also have an amazingly cute kitten named Penelope.
She is hypo-allergenic - her breed is called Siberian. 
I used to hate cats, but when you meet Penelope I promise you'll have a change of heart.
I promise. 

I enjoy cheap white wine more than I should, but am very picky about beer. 
I cry too easily, and really love old people. 
I like talk shows, a lot. 
I have an irrational fear of open water.
I like to cook, but really dislike baking. 
I love anything old - mostly people, stuff, and buildings. 
I love writing. Give me a topic, and I'll give you 50 pages.

This little nugget arrived in December 2013.
His name is Felix.
He has stolen my heart. 
He's bound to like airplanes, puns, and Spongebob - just like his Dad.
He will probably be a little sensitive and self conscious - just like his Mom.
We pray he loves Jesus more than anything else. 

We're excited for what God is doing in our midst.
It certainly has been an exciting journey since I became Mrs. Van Nuys.