Monday, July 23, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Summer is busy. There is so much happening day to day. Here's a little bit of the last couple weekends.

Haeley and I attempted to go to the beach. And then half way there she remembered she had to be home all day for the Best Buy Geek Squad to come install something. Stupid Geek Squad.

I got to see my long lost friend and Haeley's Graduation party!

This happened. And by this, I'm not entirely sure what this might be. 

Pie also happened. Oh Heidi's, your trashy 24 hour joint never tasted so good. 

Seth took me to the RC car track. Turns out, he's not that crazy about this sport -- the people we met there were even nuttier than I could have imagined. 

We celebrated 4 years on Friday. Woot!

We have been talking about going to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz for years. We decided to keep it low key for our anniversary and go there for a couple hours. It was interesting, and nauseating, and perplexing all at the same time. Mostly nauseating though. 

This was as close I could get to the inside of the cabin where all the mystery was. 


I stood there for 2 seconds before running back to straight ground. 

This is my "take me the heck home" face. 

Or..."take me to get ice cream". And that's exactly what we did. What is a trip to Santa Cruz without Maryanne's ice cream? Banana Almond Fudge and Burgundy Cherry -- we were so full we didn't eat for the next 10 hours. That stuff is crack. 

My favorite part of the Mystery Spot was leaving...and this is my "yay, we are leaving face". 

This little sassy pants is my flower girl. And that is her dress, totally A-traditional..and just her style.  Look out world, Daryn is the sassiest girl in town (I think she takes after me ;) )

Ellen had a birthday. This sweet girl and I share a birthday, but we celebrated her on Saturday night with wine and bruschetta. I could probably eat here every day of the week.

P.S What way do you choose to say bruschetta? I'm convinced they're all correct. 

Seth came over last night to start the new season of Breaking Bad with me. Have you seen that show? Has your world been turned upside down by its craziness?

Well this photo obviously has nothing to do with that show other than the fact that my dog, Autumn, thinks that Seth is her boyfriend and likes to snuggle up next to him whenever he's around. She still pee's when she sees first sight of him coming to the door. Sweet, innocent puppy love...

There's the weekend, ya'll. How was yours? It's another crazy week for me full of last days at work, best friends visiting, my own birthday, two showers, and a BBQ.

Ready, set, goooooo!

P.S Have you heard about Sudan? I love what the Lord is doing through my small little church body. I am excited to see who He calls to go, give, and pray. So spread the word, win some awesome stuff, spread the word some more. That's all you gotta do!

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