Thursday, July 26, 2012

22: A Birthday Post

5 years ago I was...
Turning 17. 
Thinking about college. 
Just had met Seth.
A senior in High School.
Wanting independence.
A baby.

SO much has happened since then. And I know I will experience the same kind of change in the next 5 years to come. 

Today as I turn 22:
I am . . .
A soon to be wifey.
A church planter.
A crafty shop owner.
A bookworm, wannabe historian, and a collector.

I want . . .
A hot yoga membership.
An endless supply of buttons.
A house on the beach.
Smaller feet.

I have . . .
A man who adores me.
Friends that spoil me.
Family that supports me.
A Savior who died for me.

I hate . . .
Open water.
Loud noises.
Bra straps that show.
The list goes on..

I wonder . . .
about life in the future. Friendships, church, jobs..

I regret . . .
Harsh words;
that I can't ever take back.

I need . . .
Lots of reassuring.
Frequent date nights.
Coffee every morning.
Coke Zero.

I never . . .
want to plan a wedding again. amen.

I am not . . .

I rarely . . .
I try my hardest not to let emotions cause me to say ugly things.
Wear socks;
they always get in my way!

I always . . .
Feel like I'm not doing enough; 
feelings of inadequacy run deep.
I always know the love of Jesus surrounds me,
and that my adequacy cannot be defined by the world.

I wish . . .
The weekends were longer and the working week shorter.
That pre-wedding bliss could last forever.
That gas was free.
That girls weren't dramatic.
That bugs didn't exist. 

I love . . .
Fresh laundry
White tee-shirts
Winnie the Pooh.

I am...22! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Jame!!! I love you. And 22 is the very BEST age to get married... ;) xxoo

  2. I love the way you wrote this post! Happy 22 my friend! :) It's gonna be a GREAT year!

  3. happy birthday, dear friend! LOVE YOU and your 21-year-old self!