Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday Part 2

My birthday has always been a low-key event. SO many people are gone this time of year on vacation that its virtually impossible to plan something. I planned a small BBQ for those who weren't invited to my showers this weekend, I felt bad overloading people on celebrating me. Being awesome gets tough sometimes. 

Seth and I had a few hours before the BBQ so we decided to go to the zoo. I love random adventures with this guy, and it was a perfectly quiet day in San Francisco. Here are some of my favorites.

This awesome Barn Owl had a GIANT wing span. I wish I could have taken a shot of it!

Check out this turtle. If I were a turtle, I would dream of a shell like that!
Who knew peacocks had such long feathers? They were free to roam on the grounds of the zoo, it was a little nerve racking to see one haphazardly running towards you but they were used to humans!

This was my favorite peacock of all :)

I need new tires on my car. So instead of an expensive birthday dinner I asked for a BBQ that was cheap so my parents could give me money towards my tires. I think it was a pretty sweet deal. They said they would have rather gone out because it was a lot of work. Welp...sorry for trying to be efficient with money, mom and dad!

These peeps make me happy
This cake makes me even happier. Dreagers makes the best strawberry mousse cake you've ever had. Go buy it, now. 
Staredowns. All day, every day.

The boys like to snuggle...more than the average group of bros.

Angelo made a new furry friend. You can bet Autumn loved all the company. 

The fantastic girls that celebrated me all weekend. LOVE YOU!

My amazing Maid of Honor flew in ON my birthday. This is the first time I've got to see her on my birthday! My heart was full and I was so lucky to have her here. 

Bridesmaid dress + silly friend = THIS
The girls get to pick how to wear there dresses for the wedding. This is Ashley's top choice at the moment ;)

I have great friends. I had a wonderfully special birthday this year, I know 22 is going to be the best one yet!

Now, please excuse me while I go finish off that cake.

Who am I kidding, I paused in the middle of typing, went to the fridge and ate it before I was done with this post.

Now go buy it so I can create a new addict. Whoever you are, you're welcome.

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