Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Obsession

I have a confession to make.
I've been cheating on my button collection with embroidery hoops. Lots of embroidery hoops.

Lord knows why I hopped on this adorable train so late in my crafting career, but I've surely fallen head over heels. 

It started with this pin:


And then ALL of this adorable madness made me go head over heels:

One afternoon while I was browsing the shelves at Michaels, I looked down and saw that the price for  every size hoop was $1.50.

It was like I had won the lottery and gone to heaven all in the same day!


Welp. You can guess what happened next. I grabbed six hoops in all different sizes and rushed home to see what fabric I could scrape up.

Turns out there were a lot of options at home. But I ended up going to Joannes to get some fabrics that coordinated so I would't be hanging a totally haphazard collection on my wall.

My favorite part about embroidery hoop crafts is that they are so easy. Like, 1 minute easy.  Lay out fabric, place the hoop where you want it, tighten the screw thingy and voila!

After you trim the edges, I glued down the fabric so it didn't hang loose.

Embroidery you ask? I taught myself in the midst of my new obsession I was dying to see how I could make these even cuter. I think I succeeded. 

And this little beauty was a contiuation from something I made as a kid. My dear Grandparents bought my a sewing machine and Grandma Holly tried to teach me to sew with it. I turned out to be a total failure when I sewed an American flag pillow from scraps of red, white and blue fabric but it was so poorly sewn that the fuzz was bursting through my uneven seams. 

My older, steady hands made this little project much easier to complete. I embroidered all of the pieces together and then repositioned the fabric 1500 times to get it centered. It's not perfect, but I do think it's mighty cute.  

So as you can tell, pinterest has done a mighty fine job of creating an obsession.  At least they're cheap, and versatile, and a potential seller when I open back up my Etsy shop. 

Thank you Michaels for your extremely cheap embroidery hoops, I will be back for another ten hoops next week. 

And dearest hoop, I think we will have a long and happy life together.

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  1. I'm going to need you to make me 5,000 hoops for my sad walls. OK? Thanks.

    Soooo cute, Jaim. Thanks for linking up!!