Monday, September 10, 2012

Marriage: We Give It Two Thumbs (way) Up

We're back!
And for the first time life isn't crazy and hectic, it's just plain wonderful.

Marriage rocks.
It's hard to explain the complexity of emotions and feelings, but we've been enjoying every minute of it.

We enjoy so much recounting the memories of the wedding. It went by so quickly and we each had different experiences, and every couple hours we say "holy crap, we're married!".

 I love some of the pictures that have been posted too! We are so lucky to live in the time of Instagram and Facebook. To have the tremendous support through these medias has been an incredible blessing to Seth and I.

We can't pick our favorite moment of the whole day, there are just too many. We are overwhelmed and overjoyed and just quite express enough gratitude.

Marriage: We give it two thumbs up.

Also, for those who asked where I got the Disney ears...I ordered them online and Seth had no idea they existed until after the ceremony. It was definitely a top moment of the day surprising him with them :)



  1. I have say, I was BLOWN away by your wedding! All the personal touches you did made the overall feel of the wedding far beyond the normal "cookie cutter" wedding you expect to go to. I have an obbsession with wedddings and everything bridal, so going to weddings for me is just amazing. But your wedding was timeless and love you two share really shined the whole night. So....when I am ready to get married you will be hired to be my crafty wedding planner :) Congrats to the two of you!-Michelle Schaffer

    1. and how embarrassing is my google name? the only reason I have it set as that was for a class project, please excuse it.