Thursday, September 13, 2012

Farewell, Summer.

Word on the street is that summer's over.

Oh really? You should come and live in Gilroy with us, summer's still alive and well down in Garlic land.

Our poor landlord might shriek when he see's the electric bill, sorry dude, the AC stays on all night if you want either of us to sleep!

All of that being said, this summer was one of my favorite summers of all.

I got to fly to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) to surprise Ash at her graduation. 
Mel and I schemed and pulled off a fantastic surprise, it was truly one of my favorite weekends with these girls. 

I flew to Milwaukee to watch my cousin get married!

I was blessed with three amazing showers. 

I celebrated my 22nd birthday.

We celebrated four years of dating.

And finally...
you totally saw this one coming.
We got to celebrate the best day ever. 
ever ever ever ever.

Goodbye, summer.
You sure treated me well.

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