Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Morning Virtual Coffee Date

Good morning blog friends. It's a little foggy and dark down here in garlic land am I'm contemplating what to do with my day.

Maybe yoga?
Maybe gym?
Definitely cleaning, again.
Definitely grocery shopping.
Maybe some organizing.
The options are endless while I'm unemployed.

If we were out for a real time coffee date I would tell you about the huge transition my life seems to be in.

Newly married.
New town.
No local friends.
No job.
No church home, yet.

I would tell you about the countless jobs I've applied to in the past week, and how I'm trying not to sell myself short by applying at a job someone right out of high school could get. I would tell you that I'm not being patient, you see I'm not very good at this patience thing. I would tell you about my goal at the end of the week to have at least one interview. I would tell you that Seth and I are praying for direction for a job for me, but that I'm still not great at being patient, so to pray for that too.

I would tell you that going into event-planning is sounding really appealing right now. But maybe that's the wedding planning stuff still lingering. I would express my excitement after all of the positive feedback we got from our wedding, I had so many people tell me that I could plan weddings professionally, I just wish it wasn't such a hard industry to get in to.

I would tell you that current life seems to be dream-like. I keep waking up next to Seth and thinking we are on vacation, or that somehow this isn't all real. I would ask if it was the same for you when you got married. But then I would explain how waking up next to Seth every morning feels right, and that marriage is a great blessing that God has given us.

I would tell you that cooking has been interesting, especially when meal-planning and grocery shopping is totally foreign to me.  I would tell you of Seth's graciousness, or maybe his lack of pickiness. Last night he told me that dinner tasted like I'd been cooking for 50 years, I wonder if our dinner guests would say the same thing.

Speaking of dinner guests, I would ask if you wanted to come down to Gilroy for the evening.  We provide dinner, wine, games, and maybe hookah if you're interested.  We like having people over, we like entertaining...I think this will be a trend for our family. Speaking of family, I would ask why as soon as you're married people start asking about kids. I've been asked at least 4 times when we're going to start having kids!

I would tell you about the church we have now visited twice. It's in North San Jose, and it takes about 30 mins to get there from our place. Every time we mention that we live in Gilroy, people practically shriek and ask if it's too far for us to come. If I'm being honest, it doesn't make me feel great when people ask that so we are going to try another Acts 29 church soon that's closer to us. I would tell you that once we find a church home, I will feel more at home, and that the puzzle of our busy life will feel more complete.

There's a chance that you would ask about Seth and school, I would smile and tell you that he is really enjoying it.  Not only is he enjoying it, but he is excelling at it too! I might express my worry about the job market for A&P mechanics for when he is done, and that I constantly need to be reminded of God's sovereignty over that.  There's a lot of "What-If's" in our life right now, I would ask you to join me in prayer about the huge "What-If's".

You might ask about my Etsy shop and handmade crafty business. I would tell you that I have some ideas brewing, but until I have a job situation figured out I don't want to make any moves. I would tell you about our huge closet full of all the stuff that we don't have room for, and that includes crafts. But then I would tell you about how excited I am to get our wedding pictures back so I can start scrapbooking. Because, you can ALWAYS make time for scrapbooking your wedding!

After all of that information, you might be a little sick of me talking so I might let you update me on your life. I enjoy listening to other peoples life stories, I don't ever compare them to my own but smile at the complexity of everyone's story and the variety of it all.  I would encourage you to be totally present wherever you are, to enjoy it all, to drink it all in, and to find some way to record and remember it all.

I would now conclude our date. In this time I have decided to go to yoga, all the wedding stress made my muscles become super tense so I've got to find a way to let it out! I would give you a hug and send you on your way...

Have a great day!

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