Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thoughts on a Tuesday

I'm kind of glad NFL season is here.

Not because I've ever enjoyed the game, I've never been able to sit through an entire game without falling asleep actually.

But maybe, just maybe, people will shut up for a few minutes about politics.

Because football doesn't matter, but politics surely does.  We have seen in the last four years how major policy change can affect our every day lives.

99% of what I see on Facebook and hear in general conversation is entirely mudslinging, false information, and an exaggerated version of the truth.

If Romney really hated women, would he have a supportive wife? For those who like to use that comment as some kind of attack on Romney, take a step back and look what HE is actually trying to achieve with his policy and not what you think he is trying to achieve.

I have learned so much in the past few months by looking at things from other peoples perspectives and intentions. I guarantee that Romney's policies dealing with women's rights are not malicious in intent.

His policy tendencies come from his opinions and beliefs about life and sex, just like Obama has his own beliefs and opinions about the same things. We go back to the same issue of respect in this case, we expect people to respect our beliefs regardless if they are the same as ours.

All of the slinging that goes towards Obama is pretty bad too. I haven't heard a ton of the ridiculous stuff lately, but I remember back to 2008 when he was running and some of the crap that people come up with is astounding. Just so we're clear, I don't agree with a lot of his policies, but that doesn't mean I don't respect him as a President. He has different beliefs and opinions about the best way to do things, and the last time I checked, free thinking was promoted in this country!

If we based the election PURELY on policy and not on personal life, I really would like to know what the election would look like.

If the tabloids weren't allowed to post anything but TRUE stories about the candidates, yes the election would be a lot less exciting, but it might actually restore some actual politics to this country.

I dream of an election that takes place without mudslinging, emotionally charged gossip, and lies.

I don't want to bow out of the political realm all together, I think there is still hope for American politics....somewhere.

Change takes place at the roots. I'm challenging my friends and family to take this election for what it is actually about, policy; maybe this will catch fire and change how our generation communicates about politics. And if you don't agree with the policy for real reasons other than emotional and personal than feel free to share your opinions, but sheesh, were not going to win anyone to either side by screaming at each other and attacking each others personal beliefs.

And trust me, I will continue to mark dumb Facebook posts as spam until the cows come home. Politics shouldn't be about snarky comments about Obama being a Muslim or Romney being a woman hater. Politics shouldn't aim to tug at our heartstrings, it should be about the best policies for our country and it's amazing people, whether they are democrats, republicans, green party, or hippies.