Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinterest Wedding Success!

When I bought our wedding "guest libs", I was SO excited. And I still am really excited that we decided to spend the money on them, Seth and I are still rolling in laughter when we decide to read a few before bed!

I originally pinned these:

I knew I had to have them as soon I saw them.

The shop owner on Etsy was super easy to communicate with, I got the colors I wanted and they arrived on thick card stock in good time! They were actually the first thing I ordered online for the wedding, and it was so hard to wait 6 months to use them!

If you need a good time filler between cocktail hour and dinner like we did, this is a great idea. 

My plan is to make a nice book out of all of them so we can be laughing for years to come :)

I may be making a small series of all the fantastic wedding ideas I got from Pinterest in the next few weeks, too!


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