Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mug Swap Recap: Late but Worth the Wait!

I love snail mail.
I love it even more when there is goodies inside, from a mysterious new friend!

I also love mugs.
And I'm lucky enough to know CuppaKim (Kim) in real life and in blog land so I was eagerly anticipating her yearly mug swap blogiversary.

My lovely mug swap partner Amy blew me away with her fun package!! Not only did I get a new mug, I got two new mugs! One modern, bold colored one that I had been eying at Target (of course), and a sweet vintage one that tickles my old soul.  Also included, some awesome notecards, a new bangle, and some tea, emergenC, and sweet tarts. I feel like I hit the mug swap lotto!

Cue squeal as I opened my box!

Vintage mug LOVE. I love the simple lines with the pop of color!

Turquoise and orange big mug love. I love me a mug that fits a heaping amount of coffee, and that's just what this does!

For the love of cute..

Amy, thanks for all of the lovely goodies! I couldn't have asked for a better mug swap partner!!
I love blog swaps, they are so fun to participate in and you make a new friend at the same time. Kim, you should have a blogiversary celebration twice a year...I don't think anyone will mind ;)

And one last one: In addition to drinking from my coffee cup, they are also fashion accessories in which I like to match with. Note, turquoise walls and orange shirt.


  1. love both of your mugs. i have that cute geometric one and it makes me all kinds of happy. :)
    and how cute are you that you MATCH it. hahaahah. :) love it. super worth the wait :) happy newlywedding!

  2. This is so cute! Plus, I can't help but love the accessory part ;) Let's be real... haha

  3. I loved, loved, loved being paired with you and shopping for the {perfect} mugs! I hope Seth and you share many mornings/afternoons/evenings sipping coffee together and talking about life! ;-) Have a great week! XO