Friday, September 28, 2012


Well it's that time again.

A glimpse of life through my iPhone! 

It was a quiet week on insta for us, mostly because I've been working on some new my shop grand re-opening and Seth has been working hard in school.

I'm excited to re-open! Hobby Lobby has given me some new creative energy, and hopefully it will provide for us a little bit while I'm still unemployed.

Anywho, more on that later! Here is a few instas for you :)

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On Saturday we headed to Monterey for a local brewery's second annual beer garden. $40 for unlimited beer and BBQ? Count us in.

On Sunday we tried out a local church called West Hills. Keep praying for us as we search!

I tried a new recipe including some of our favorite ingredients. PinterTest kitchen post coming soon!

Can I just be honest? 
I hate halloween.
But my husband loves it, so I gotta get kfestive. This was my contribution while my momma dropped off some festive kitchen towels.

We bought a new coffee table!
Too bad I already ruined it with nail polish remover.
Worst housewife ever.

Sneak peak of some of my new stuff. Can't wait!

Have you downloaded this yet? It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
Also, this insta was replied to by Joy Eggerichs on twitter, which had me feeling really awesome ALL day.

Also, we got a sneak peak of some of our wedding photos on Tuesday. 
Our photographers freakin' rock.
rockity rock rock.

Well, we're off to enjoy another weekend.
I know it's going to be a good one!
I love that Seth is in school because he has real weekends again, he used to have to work all the time. 

Have a great one!

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