Monday, February 11, 2013

Wedding Recap: Getting Dressed

BM and I just passed the 5 month mark. Time has flown since we got married and moved here to Garlic Land. It's funny, the time looking back on when I was unemployed seemed to go on forever, but it was only one and a half months. God was good in allowing us to not be so busy those first couple months, I appreciate that time so much more now looking back. Working full time is no fun, I desperately miss being home, and I'd be lying if I said I was grateful for my job all the time. 

So on my day off, after all the laundry has been done, and groceries have been put away, I have some time to myself and get to blog.  Oh how I miss this little space, I miss getting to read my favorite blogs, I miss the connections. 

Today I am happy to relive moments leading up to the ceremony, I swear one day I'll get to actually blog the main event!

We arrived at the venue around 2:00. Thomas Fogarty is way up in the hills of Woodside, and it takes a while to get there. Looking back, I wish I would have reserved the winery so we could be there earlier. Having 2.5 hours to get ALL of the ladies makeup done is not enough time at all! 

Boys have it so easy. All they had to do was show up, get dressed, and put a little gel in their hair...

They even had time to play!

Clearly not showing it in this photo.
Amidst people asking me every 30 seconds if I was "OK", my dress being wrinkly, me worrying that all the decorations were getting put together correctly, I was having a mini meltdown on the inside. 

So that's when you go outside and ask Jesus to calm your nerves.
And He did just that. I returned to the room ready to get dressed and walk down that aisle. 

Ok seriously, I have a dashingly handsome husband. 
Little did we know that the thumbs up would be our token symbol for the whole day!

We all started getting dressed and put together the finishing touches...
like handkerchiefs

and hairspray. 

And then it was time to put my dress on.
Cue sweat.
A LOT of sweat.
They should install fans inside wedding dresses.
Just saying. 

Cue funny moments. 

Cue precious moments. 

Cue last minute fixings. 

ta da!

Hi handsome :)
I'm so glad we decided not to do a first look.
It made walking down the aisle all the more special. 

As 5:00PM approached my thoughts were pretty overwhelming.
No second thoughts, of course. No worries, those were pointless to think about now. 
In my attempt to soak it all in, I think my mind just froze.

And then my mama teared up.
And we had a moment.
That special mother-daughter moment. 

After the bridesmaids left and my mama got seated, I knew it was getting close.
My dad showed up in the dressing room to see me for the first time.
He was scared to even look at me.
His little baby girl getting married.
He should write a blog post on the emotions of the event for him!

Champagne is a good way to calm nerves....

We scuttled up the back way so I wouldn't be seen.
Walking up a steep hill in a wedding dress on a warm day isn't the most comfortable.
I'm thankful my dad helped me carry my dress. 

And then...
just like that it was time to walk down the aisle. 
7 months of preparation.
7 months of excitement.
7 months of crazy were about to come together.

Next time I'll recap the ceremony, the best part of the entire day.
Thanks for joining me on this journey, friends.

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  1. what fun!

    you look beautiful.

    i bet you are enjoying recapping the day.

    my husband is a wedding photographer and mentioned one bride who had her bridesmaids hold her dress up over her head because she was sweating so profusely!

    the photo of you praying is priceless...a little time with our Bridegroom Jesus, is what we NEED in the brightest and darkest days of our lives.