Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Welp, turns out I'm not so good at keeping up on blogging these days. 

Surprise, I'm BUSY.

Exciting news though...I've just started my own business in partnership with Rodan + Fields and am now an independent consultant. It is a really exciting opportunity that I feel lucky to share with my friends and family. I have been busy planning, networking, and getting people interested in the products. As hard and discouraging as it is sometimes to even get people to RSVP I am pressing on in hopes of gaining financial freedom in the future. 

It's easy to sell a product that you believe in. In fact, I bought in before I had tried the products, that's how confident I am in Rodan + Fields. I got my products two weeks ago and am already enjoying smoother, less red, less dry, less flaky skin! I have also stopped wearing face makeup, which is very freeing! 

I'll keep you updated with progress photos eventually, you know when I actually turn on my camera, or open  my desk for that matter. 

In the meantime you can visit my website... jvannuys.myrandf.com

Other exciting things have been happening around these parts..

I FINALLY got my license to substitute teach in CA. I have been waiting since last May to have the finished...but now there are a million other pieces of paper that they need to consider me in a district. Of course, right? It's ok, though. I feel comforted by God that He is leading and lighting the way. 

Penelope is getting better, so we think. She now has oral medication that she actually enjoys taking. I accidentally spilled some on the counter a couple days ago and she licked it up all by herself..turns out I wont  be needing to force it down her throat. Yippee! She has also been very sassy lately too, hence the head cocked to one side. Such hams these two are together. 

Life continues moving super fast, I'm waiting for the day I can jump off the crazy train and back into a life I can enjoy.
My coworker told me that I needed a hobby, something to do when I'm not at work to keep my mind busy. I laughed thinking, I have SO many hobbies...but when was the last time I indulged them? When was the last time I did anything on my day off besides laundry, scrubbing toilets, and grocery shopping?

I took her advice, and yesterday on my day off I decided to go thrifting. I found some fantastic things...a box for a friend that I transformed with buttons, a cute little shelf, a new game for Seth and I to play with our neighborhood group, and a new puzzle.
I'm hoping that doing things I actually like will bring back my sparkle. Hopefully my smile, too.

Keep me in your prayers for new opportunities and places to grow. I feel God doing something, but it's never easy to be sure exactly what it is until it hits you smack dab in the face. 

I'll write about something real here soon, I promise.

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