Friday, February 1, 2013


Well, life is moving 500 miles an hour again. Ever since Seth and I got home from our honeymoon its been madness.

Going back to school. Going back to work. Picking up Penelope. Going to different family functions. Going to Sharks games. Watching Sharks games. Cleaning the house. Both Seth and I getting sick. Searching for....(well I'll tell you about that later)

Want to know something awesome though?

For the past three weeks though, I've managed to pick up my Bible and read for almost 30 minutes every day. I can't tell you I've had any revelation or special moment where I heard the voice of Jesus. But a sense of peace during this madness is something I'm not used to. 

I'm used to worrying, being anxious, being stressed, being easily annoyed by anyone and everything. 
Yet peace is what I feel. 

What's funny is I'm not forcing myself to pick up my Bible, it feels natural...and that is an honest first. And that's the first time I've admitted that picking up my Bible to read everyday wasn't natural. 

I've been starting with a short devotional from "Jesus Calling". I know to some people its a little strange to be reading something that is seemingly from the mouth of Jesus. But once you get past the weirdness and into the message there something neat about having the voice of Jesus stuck in your head. Not just the words of Jesus, but His voice. 

After a frustrating day at work I was yelling in my head on my drive home, "I'M ONLY HUMAN"...the next mornings devotional started with the phrase, "It's ok to be human". What the what?! God's voice was almost audible at that point, it amazed me that after all this time without consistency in any part of my walk He was faithful to hear me. He is faithful when I am not. He is good when I am not. These words constantly ring in my head these days. 

In other happenings..
I've been watching too much TV on my downtime at work. Nashville in particular. I'm obsessed! The music, the drama...oh, it's just so good.
Seth and I have been trying to get into Game of Thrones as well. Call me crazy..but there is too much sex, and way too much blood. I don't even want to know how much fake blood they have to use per must be GALLONS. Seth of course thinks the violence is awesome. So we keep trekking though the episode DVD's as they arrive at our P.O box. 

I've been working on a crochet project that I'm really excited about.
All of those hexagons will soon turn into a blanket. I love the alternating colors and each day I'm getting better at hiding the strings!

Penelope is growing and becoming crazier by the day it seems. She is definitely a Siberian cat..she jumps a ton, she is very fast, she comes when we call her, and she snuggles by our heads at night. We are still smitten. And the little mane around her neck is growing in too!

Oh! I finally got my terrible hair cut fixed.I was really excited about that. It's not stringy on the ends anymore and I am one happy lady.
We are going to the Sharks game tomorrow night, I can't wait! I haven't been to a game yet but Seth has already been to 3.
Oh, and the Superbowl?
I really wish I cared.
Even though it's the Niners I still can't bring myself to be excited.
But we are going to a party....
I'm going to bring my crochet project and see how much I can get done while not watching. 
Today we were allowed to wear our team spirit to work in celebration of the Superbowl..I chose this:

Well, that's all I got for today, folks! 
I wish you the best of Superbowl Sundays, and a Happy Weekend!

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  1. oh! this is a great post. i love me some "jesus calling." we do it together as a family. and seriously! the book ALWAYS seems to address exactly what we're dealing with.

    i admire your honesty about reading the word. i felt the same thing this last year when i finally read through it in a year and 17 days! praying God's Spirit continues to lead you in deep intimacy with Him as you continue to read.