Friday, November 30, 2012

InstaFriday: Christmas Time Edition

Happy Friday, friends!
I'm snuggling by the fire this morning as the rain pounds and pitter patters all over our little house.

I won't be around much the next few days, I have a sweet friend of mine visiting for 6 whole days, the longest she's ever been here. I am seriously excited and a little overwhelmed that I have to entertain someone for that long!

This week has been good, probably because it's been short! I love 3 day work-weeks, I wish there were more of them! But good news, I got my shift covered for the Gilroy handmade show so I still get to participate! 

Anywho, here goes the last week through instagram:

As mentioned, we went home and hung out at our favorite bar/restaurant called The Office. Fire places in restaurants are the jam. 

I'm super jealous of this cute gift my mom was given. I want to steal them!

Sunday night we got home and picked out our Christmas Tree. We went to the place that you could cut your own down, but after circling the lot 5 times we couldn't find the kind of tree that we wanted -- aka a Noble Fir. We are both apparently particular about our tree type! We asked the people there and they said they don't grow them in California and they were only available pre-cut. Oh well, at least we got the kind we wanted!

My MIL gave us this sweet "First Christmas" ornament. Seth's fam is super into ornaments and he has one for every year of his life. I'd love to start that tradition in our house. 

I've been having a little fun decorating the whole house!

My mom has every wednesday off, she has had Wednesday off for most of my life so naturally it's become my favorite day of the week. This wednesday we met for lunch and I taught her how to use you-tube on her phone. We got her the i-Phone 5 for her birthday and it hasn't come in the mail yet, naturally she is nervous that she has to learn something new! But I'm excited to teach her everything it can do!

Btw, this pic is totally candid..she had no idea I was taking it :)

Trader Joes is the best, they carry this low carb chocolate bar that only has 8 carbs in the whole bar! I refilled my stash at work so I wasn't tempted by the other sweet treats floating around the office. I've been doing really well this week getting back on the diet and I already am seeing results!

And finally, I hung that amazing "HOPE" ornament in the perfect place, the light hits it so well and it is always easy to find. I love our little crooked tree. I love the way it makes our little home smell and its just perfect!

Well friends, it's been a good week and I'm excited to share with you the adventures I have with my girlfriends in town. 

See you next week :)

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  1. i love that hope ornament, what a great reminder every time you pass the christmas tree! where did you get the ornament?

  2. love your stocking hanger! our fireplace gets so hot we can't hang our stockings on the mantel, great alternative!

  3. A few things. I love that ornament. We have a janky first year ornament and I regret it. Also, I love those measuring spoons. A recipe I made yesterday called for a "pinch" of salt and I was nervous. A literal pinch? What do I even do?? It was dumb. Anyway, I also love your mother. That is all.