Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Last Three Months

I hate that this little blog of mine is so neglected. 
But if lists could have a negative number on the scale, my blog would be that far down. 

Since moving to Oregon at the end of December, our lives have changed so much! 
Felix obviously started walking, which means we entered into a whole new world of mischief and adventure. I basically run after him all day long. He takes one short nap a day, and while he does that I try to get a shower, eat lunch, or sew. 

Speaking of sewing, my shop has absolutely exploded since we moved here. I have now done TWICE what I did in all of last YEAR. I can't even wrap my head around that. It's exciting, and also daunting because it is so much more work for me. It also means my mind is buzzing with creative ideas. Every night after Felix goes to bed I start sewing. I barely have time to cook. I never have time to clean.  There are definitely some things that need changing, I need to extend my production times on orders, and I need to take less custom orders. I hate to have to do both of those things but unless I want to go completely insane I have to scale back a bit. 

Seth has been working overtime 4 days a week pretty much since he started. His endurance amazes me. When he's not working, we're exploring Portland as much as we can. We did finally find a church which is a big relief!

A couple of months ago I posted about what we loved about living here, and the list continues to grow. We still love the beer (obviously). We love that there's no tax. We love the weather, mostly because we don't have to hear about the draught every day on the news. We love being close to the city. And we LOVE the cost of living. There are so many opportunities for us here that just wouldn't be possible if we were still in the Bay Area. 

Felix turns 16 months tomorrow. He is growing and changing so much! He has so much personality and it is so fun to see him grow. 

Let's start with his love of vehicles. 
Trains. Aka choo choo's. 
Basically anything with a motor.
He lives for them. 
He can spot them anywhere. He loves listening for airplanes. He can always spot a choo choo -- or anything that possibly resembles a choo choo. Today for instance, he found a watchface that he thought looked like a steam train with a round face. He was totally convinced it was a train!

This is his favorite shirt. He goes BANANAS when he sees it. 
Speaking of bananas, he loves those too. In our local market he always makes a b-line for the banana stand in the middle of the store.

Felix is a true delight. Most of the time he is a happy, silly, fun little boy. All babies have their moments, and he certainly has his. He gets dramatic over certain things, like when one of us has to go to the bathroom and wants to close the door. Even Seth can't close the door anymore (which secretly makes me happy because he understands my frustration). 

Drama: exhibit A

Felix understands so much and is learning how to communicate more with us. He loves to make animal sounds, and as you guessed it, vehicle sounds. He has a pretty big vocabulary of animal sounds: dog, cat, cow, lion, pig, duck, bird, owl, elephant, bear, lamb, and rooster. He also knows the signs for milk, bunny, moose, and fish.
 Most of the time I can figure out what he wants or what he's trying to say. It is so incredible to see him start to grasp new ideas and concepts, the way the brain of a child develops constantly amazes me. It helps that he loves to read, which is where most of his object identification comes from -- it started with animals and now we're on to his favorite machine books which we read approximately 25 times a day, and 5 more times with Seth when he gets home. 

I never imagined I could have so much fun with a little boy. But we really do have so much fun together. We have dance parties a few times a day, we chase each other around the house, and we attempt to keep the house at a reasonable level of cleanliness. 

We love when Seth gets home. We usually try to wait outside for him to drive up our street. I love how excited Felix gets when he knows he's coming home soon. I will ask him "Felix, do you know who's going to be home soon?" and he yells "DADA!". The delight he has for Seth makes my heart so happy. 

Life with a toddler is a constant state of motion. When we're out and about people give me the look that says "WOW, you've got your hands full." -- and I usually try and give the look back like "YES, but he's so much fun!" We are thinking about growing our family soon, but for now we are happy and feel like our life is filled to the brim. 

We do miss California of course. It is hard not having family close by. We are lucky that airfare is cheap and grandparents are generous. My mom is coming again in two weeks for a "work weekend" for me so I can prepare for an upcoming show. We are heading back to California in the beginning of May for a visit, a visit where I get to have my wisdom teeth pulled (yayyyyy {sarcasm}). 

Well, there's a little recap of our lives here in Oregon. I really love it here, and I wish we could convince all of our friends and family to move up here so they could love it with us. Transitioning to living here away from family hasn't been easy, but I know that we are a stronger and more independent family unit because of it. 

Friends and family, thanks for supporting us on our journey -- and a special thank you to those who have supported my shop. I wouldn't be where I am without those who believed in me from the beginning!