Saturday, February 7, 2015

Felix Alexander: 14 Months

In an effort to remember all of the fun things Felix does, I want to continue the blogging of his monthly milestones! I wont be posting every  month, but he has made some significant changes since turning 1 and I want to make sure I document them!

A few days after we moved, I started getting insistent with Felix that he learn how to walk. He was ready, he was just scared and knew he could crawl quickly enough to get around. But, he always wanted to be on the ground in public places, and I was not going to let him crawl around everywhere. 

I started holding his hands and walking with him everywhere we went. It only took a few days for him to be like "okay Mom, I'm over this, I'm going to do this on my own." On January 6th, 2015 he learned how to walk. He quickly got the hang of it and is now onto running! He is getting himself into more trouble than ever! 

Since learning how to walk he has starting dancing. Which is quite possibly my favorite thing ever. It started with songs on his favorite shows, and now he just dances to everything. His signature move is the arm sway. He loves to stomp his feet, wiggle his butt, and clap his hands as he dances to every song he hears. It is such a magical sight. 

He has also finally learned to love FOOD! Felix had been on sort of a food strike. He would refuse to eat solid food, and would want his bottle all the time. At a doctor visit for his recurring colds we discovered that he had lost two pounds. I immediately knew that we needed to get rid of the bottle so he would learn to get his nutritional elsewhere. We got rid of the bottle on January 4th, cold turkey. It didn't take him long to adjust, and within a couple of days he was trying new foods that he would never eat before. He now eats regular meals and doesn't always need pouches. Getting rid of the bottle was the best decision ever, next to getting rid of the pacifier. He still really loves milk, out of a straw cup of course. He does this funny little noise any time he hears the word milk or see's the jug in the fridge. 

We're learning new things that he likes to eat every day, but so far we're at: bananas, strawberries, chicken, sausage, cheese, yogurt, cheerios, and pouches of food. We can't get him to eat many vegetables, but I know that will come with time. 

Felix is still madly in love with his "LaLa" or his lovey. I've never seen a kid more attached to his blanket. It's so cute, and slightly ridiculous. When he can't find it, or it isn't within a few feet of him he starts babbling "lalalalala" until he can find it again. Then he quickly finds the corner of it and shoves it in his mouth. It stinks to the high heavens, even though I wash it every other day. 

Felix also popped out 3 new teeth, 3 molars that is. He pretty much drools nonstop all the day long. 

He is learning new words and sounds every day. He definitely knows "lala" to signify his blanket. He also knows "dada", "mama", "ball", and "DA!" (dog). He growls when he sees a dog, and roars when he sees a lion. We are working on a few others, like what birdies say, cows say, and kitties say. He loves to look at pictures of animals, all of his favorite books have animals. He has become quite fond of books lately. He always wants us to read them to him, and is delighted when I bring one with us on our errands. He also learned "peek a boo" recently, when we say "Felix, peek a boo!", he puts his hand on his eyes or the side of his head. It's pretty stinking cute!

He got his first hair cut. A big milestone indeed, though the experience at the salon we went to could have been better. He did very well, and doesn't have a mullet anymore!

Felix is now taking two consistent naps every day, and sleeps 12-13 hours at night without waking up. A lot of people ask me about his sleep schedule and how we got him to go to bed so early, and honestly, he made the schedule himself. We tried to do a later bedtime and he could never make it. We've settled on 6:30 for most nights. It works for us! I can't complain about having extra alone time at night, though it does make it tricky to do any kind of plans in the evening if we want to include him. 

Felix loves to build with his legos, play with cars, trucks, and trains, and still loves balls.  He makes himself laugh all of the time, which we find hilarious. He loves to spin anything that will spin, wheels, drawer pulls, airplane propellers. He is curious and wants to know where we are and what we are doing at all times. His loves to be tickled on his belly and side. He loves to be chased and likes to climb on to things. 

Speaking of climbing. Felix climbed onto our bed and proceeded to fall off, backwards. He gave us the biggest scare of our lives on February 1st when he fell off of our bed and immediately had a seizure. I think I've come to an understanding of what happened, he fell backwards, unable to catch himself and was totally surprised -- which caused him to be extremely scared. He did the "OMG what happened hold-your-breath before the big scream" thing and had a seizure right after that happened. I'm pretty sure he started seizing because he held his breath for so long during that pre-scream. I knew something was wrong when he didn't make much of a scream, and proceeded to have a seizure in my arms for about 10 seconds. The ambulance got her amazingly fast, and recommended that we go to the hospital right away. Felix returned to his normal self fairly quickly, though was shaken up and scared of all the people poking and prodding him. 
We were cleared to go home after a good CT scan and everything checking out well. We are so glad that he is ok, and we are a lot more careful about where we let him climb. 

Life with a toddler is not always easy. He gets into gross, dangerous, and downright annoying things almost every day! Aside from all of the cute things he does, he regularly attempts to eat cat food, throw things in the toilet, scream during diaper changes, stick his hands in the garbage, pull food out of the pantry, climb inside the dishwasher, and pull fragile things out of the cabinets. Some of these have been fixed with toilet locks and cabinet locks, and sometimes I give up and let him run around the house with the potato masher. He is learning that the word "NO" does not mean he can laugh at us. Learning how to discipline a child is as much of a learning process for him as it is for me. We also have a designated "blanket time" every day, so he can learn to sit down in one place for a certain amount of time when he is told to. It has been great so far. I can get something done in the kitchen or bathroom while he plays quietly. If he gets up I tell him that he needs to go back to his blanket, and he understands and usually goes back without a fuss. 

Being the mother to this little boy is such an adventure. It has been quite an adjustment to being alone with him every day of the week, but we're making it work. We try to get out of the house once every day to play, and we are making new friends in our new favorite places. We miss California sometimes, but we are loving our new surroundings and the ability to have a life here that we can afford!

I am so excited about the little boy that Felix is becoming.
He is sweet, funny, energetic, and has a big personality. I feel so lucky that I get to spend my days with him. 

you are 14 months of pure joy. 
I love you more than you will ever know.
Love, smooches, and snuggles,