Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding Etiquette and Advice from the Bride Herself

Seth and I are young to be getting married, especially for being from the Bay Area. In many other states its normal for people in their early 20's to get married...but not here. No siree!

You can't even imagine some of the reactions we get when we say we're getting married, it's ridiculous! And now that I have super long hair and no glasses people seem to think I look like I'm 16. Said picture was taken 3 months ago but people think it was 4 years ago:

So with being young comes our young friends who often don't know the "do's and dont's" of wedding etiquette so I have a few tips to assist in not making the bride and groom crazy.

And heck, I didn't know ANYTHING before we got engaged. No pointing fingers here...just some helpful hints for helping out the bride and groom not be stressed at a time when everything in life seems to be causing stress.

1. Reply speedily, and write your name. Most of us think that "oh, if I tell the Bride or Groom that I'll be there, that's enough"....but having it solid, and in writing makes life 10x easier.  I can't count how many times I have forgotten people telling me they were coming or not.

2. Don't freak out if you don't get a +1.  Weddings are an honor to be invited to because they are hecka $$$$$. Don't think you are somehow owed a date, that's not fair. There will be plenty of people to dance and hang out with!

3. For the love of pete, the wedding is about the Bride and Groom. It's not a competition for the best gift, dance moves, outfit etc. Don't offer help if you expect to be publicly recognized for it, it's a joint effort for the Bride and Groom not a time to get recognition! And don't force help, most of the time I like doing things on my own!

4.Please, please don't drink too much. We know you're young and want to loosen up and dance but think of it as a really fancy party, not your local bar.

5. Don't be discouraging. If you think we're too young, don't have enough money, don't think we have enough life you think that's going to change our decision? While most of our friends and family have been encouraging there are always those few people that disagree and thats fine, just don't tell us about it!

All of that being said...Seth and I are blown away by the support of our friends. To be honest, we expected the reactions to be worse and our friends to constantly question our reasoning for getting married. So, thanks for supporting us and loving us and continue it! We need it badly, especially me when I'm up to my neck in paperwork at the moment. 

I know you're thinking: well if you have so much to do, then why are you blogging?! Well, writing is a good outlet for stress so here I am. 

Thanks for listening to my half rant/half advice article.

P.S Have you got your mug for the mug swap yet?
I got mine in Tahoe last weekend and I am SO excited! Now all I have to do is find some sweet things to put inside my box with the mug!

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