Monday, August 13, 2012

Craft Night AKA Night of Awesome

I love crafts. Particularly in the past year I have become quite fond. Through a period of unemployment, I learned the tricks of the trade...and am still learning. There is SO much in the crafty world to learn.

So when pinterest came out, and I started my wedding board -- I knew I was in for trouble.

At the time I didn't "know"...but now, oh boy.

The DIY bride always takes too much on. Always. I'm convinced. Early on I just decided that I could do all of this expensive stuff myself. Well, let me tell you, its expensive for a reason. 

Wedding decorations are HARD. Wedding invitations are HARD. Everything else wedding related...probably hard. 

Our wedding will probably be a real live pinterest board. I kind of wish I was kidding at this point! 

The funny part is, I instantly shied away from people wanting to help me. Because my sin-laden self wanted to do everything on my own.

For months I have gone back and forth on having people help me with stuff. I just wanted to everything to be just how I wanted. But...God changed my mind and my plans, and pretty much every thing else during the past 6 months. 

I compromised with myself and my sin and had a craft night. A gloriously amazing craft night in which my truly creative friends got to prove to me that they are worth helping out with all of these crazy DIY projects I decided to do.  It didn't take long to prove anything, their creativity BLEW me away. Like blew me to the other room, I instantly felt like a small fish in an ocean of big fish crafters. 

Ok, I'll stop talking and just share with you their pretty faces, willing hearts, and sore thumbs from cutting so many programs.
I'm still surprised Seth even showed up! He was ready and willing to cut programs all evening...and then take breaks to play with Autumn of course!

Em and Cindy: Master Program Cutters and Croppers

Ang continues to be awesome and cut programs while she watches the Olympics!
Ellen and I: Sangria buddies

Hannah: Master heart stamper and master of cuteness

You guys were amazing..and so much work got done. 

This is just a small selection of the beautifully creative jars!
If you come back I'll provide more treats, and Sangria of course. 

And there might be more work to do. Anyone up for a last minute craft night?!

I pay in hugs and  pretty jars :)



  1. Not sure what is more beautiful, you guys or the crafts! (for serious)

    1. i think the answer is obvious. WE are more beautiful. #duh

      but those crafts are pretty sweet ;)