Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Virtual Coffee Date

It's a good day. The rain is falling, the wind is blowing, the fire is blazing, my coffee cup is full, the Christmas tree lights are dancing and I'm finishing up cleaning/decorating the house before two of my favorite girls get here.

Over said full cup of coffee, or hot chocolate, or eggnog, or cider,  I'd love to update you on my crazy life lately. In between my busy work life are really great moments of love, laughter, and family.

First and foremost, I would remind you that you MUST read this book. If you're in a relationship, plan on being in one at some point, are married, divorced...whatever you are it will change you. This book continues to change and grow our marriage every day. It blows me away how a few simple truths can have such an impact.

I'm thinking of doing something like my good friend Cindy did last year, and just buy this book for everyone I know, Christian or not. 

I would tell you about going home for Thanksgiving and staying with my in-laws for 5 days. I would tell you that I loved being back in our hometown, seeing our friends and family was great, but I was dying to be back home alone with Seth on Sunday. 

I would tell you that I'm getting excited about the Gilroy Handmade Boutique coming up, but that I'm starting to worry that I can't get the time off of work. I originally thought I would have that day off, but since my schedule has changed I no longer can be there...I'm praying that someone agrees to switch shifts with me. 

I would ask you to pray for my friends who are heading to the East Coast today to help victims of hurricane sandy. Many of those going are the same ones I got to serve with in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, I love their hearts to serve. 

I would tell you that I'm still enjoying work, a lot. I feel like I was meant to do this, meant to help people in this way, I feel really blessed to have this job and to be given this opportunity. Especially when I work with people that are twice my age and doing the same job, its a bit overwhelming! BUT, sometimes I come home and have a glass of wine or three because what I do is hard, it plays with your emotions and it tugs at your heartstrings all day long. 

I would tell you that I'm really excited to spend my first Christmas with Seth in our own home. I have truly been enjoying decorating, creating new traditions, and shopping! I would tell you that Seth and I wanted to buy a cat as a gift to each other this year, but that yesterday our kitty dreams were slashed. We thought that because our whole place was hard wood floors there would be no problems with getting a cat, but our landlord decided that we weren't allowed to have any animals. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't want to move because of that. 

Over said coffee, I might ask you how you're doing to.
Did you go shopping on Black Friday?
What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
I would ask you for Christmas shopping ideas, because I'm fresh out of good gift ideas.
What's your favorite part about the holidays?
Do you have any traditions?

We would probably laugh, sigh, be on the brink of tears, and talk for hours on this coffee date -- because that's what this season calls for. 

Then I'd have to sadly leave you.
Because I only have a couple hours to do a million things before work, like going to the post office to hopefully pick up the next Twilight movie from Netflix, obviously that's the most important errand of today. 

Until next time, 

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  1. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the candy pecan crusted sweet potatoes that my Aunt makes, hands sown THE BEST! We just started the Elf on the Shelf as a Christmas tradition for our kids, we'll see how it goes! It's pretty funny right now :) Glad you had a nice holiday!