Monday, November 19, 2012

Home Tour, Partially at least!

Friends and family who haven't been able to see our new place have been asking to see our new home, so today is yours and their lucky day!

Before I start, a couple disclaimers for your wondering minds:

All of our stuff, like mugs and bowls and pans that should have a home in a cabinet is out because our home was not built with cabinets. I repeat, there are NO cabinets. That being said, we've had to get creative. Our home was truly built by a man, and for a man, aka there is no storage aside from two closets and a pantry that both have slanted ceilings and are hard to access!

Our place also has very few windows. Like 3 total. Our home is a converted attic with windows only on the two ends of it, but it makes up for it with two big doors and a lot of lights that are flush with the ceiling. 

Also, my camera kinda sucks, so I apologize for the blur :)

I took these photos on the day of our house warming cooling party. It was the cleanest our house has been since we moved here, and has not been that clean ever since! I didn't include the bathroom or the kitchen because..well people got her early and I had to entertain!

Also, the pictures of our pantry are from today, because I took about an hour and re-organized everything in there, it was unliveable and driving me nuts so I finally did something about it!

Ok, here goes :)

Bedroom area: I say area because it's a studio so it's not really a room. I love our funky little wall cut-outs all over the place!

Here is where I house some of my favorite memories of ours: My bouquet, his boutonniere, our mickey and minnie hats, our lovebirds, a picture frame I made from a couple valentines days ago, and a special frame my best friend gave us for a wedding gift!

I love how our guestbook tree came out, I also love that I get to look at it every day! I'm still looking for the perfect thing to hang right over our bed, but I'm also worried that if it's too big it might fall!

Our "front door"

My desk area. I recently found this fantastic antique desk at a garage sale and I love how it hides all my junk so well!

TV & Living room area. 

I had lots of our wedding pictures out that day on display, they were well looked at!

One of our two book shelfs, that are both very full! I house my collections on top. 

that pile of blankets has been moved to this lovely trunk:

Seth's man cave:

This is my favorite bookshelf of life. I found it at a consignment shop and my sweet mother-in-law went back later at secretly bought it for me :)

Our fireplace is my favorite. We keep a tea kettle on time because it dries out the air when we use the fireplace. Also, those pinecones are sprinkles with cinnamon and they smell oh so good!

And newly cleaned pantry. It neatly houses most of our kitchen stuff. I dream of one day  having cabinets and drawers and places to hide more :) But this will do for now!

And last but not least...these magnets were on my car as we drove away from our wedding and they now happily reside on our fridge :)

One of these days I'll get to the bathroom, kitchen, and outside!
Happy Monday!


  1. this is quite the fun little tour! love all the nooks and crannies built into the house.
    minus the whole no cabinets thing - YIKES!


    also those just married magnets are BRILLIANT! did you buy or make them? SO SMART!

    1. Thanks kim! Toby was in charge of the car decorating, and I'm pretty sure she bought them!