Saturday, November 3, 2012

After Hours at the Tech

We have a total of 5 friends in the South Bay, so we jump at the opportunity for random activities!

One of those friends happens to be moving away soon, which makes us really sad. Gordon, who started off as Seth's manager, has become one of our favorite people to hang with lately!

Gordon invited us out last night to "After Hours" at the Tech museum, which also happened to be Dio de Los Muertos night. They had choreographed dances with special masks performing, it was so fun!

Discounted tickets, disco lights, a dj, cheap food, adult beverages, a photo booth, oh and an awesome museum -- it really is a winning combination.
We all know how much I love dressing up! [Sarcasm]
I had a lot of fun pictures...and then I was smart enough to take my phone to the Apple store yesterday to get it "fixed" but they cleared out everything. Consequently, I only have a few snapshots that I uploaded before the master Iphone cleanse. I'm still a little bitter about it, especially when I had 1,800 photos stored on there. Maybe that's why it was acting up?

If you live in the San Jose area, or any major metropolitan area for that matter (I bet they have after hour events too!), I highly recommend going. It was like being in a club with a bunch of nerds.......ok that sounded a lot more fun in my head, but you get what I mean.

These photos speak for themselves.

We had a stinkin' blast. I felt like a kid again, running around aimlessly looking at all the cool stuff! Tech museums are pretty entertaining, they lack the artifacts and history that I'm super into, but they make up for that with modern gadgets and technologies. 
After hours events like this falls on the first thursday of every month and we are definitely going back!

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