Friday, June 15, 2012

Pray for Young Life & Pray for Sanity

Tomorrow I'm taking a bunch of junior high kiddos to camp in San Diego.

12 hours away.

Did I mention they're in junior high?

Would you pray for that?

You see, I've been involved with Young Life ministries on and off for the past 5 years.  Seth and I met as leaders so it holds a dear place in my heart. 
June 2008: we had gone on a few dates, and could barely stay separated while we were at camp!

About a year ago, I felt called to volunteer again as I was entering Seminary and figuring out what ministry I was supposed to be involved in.  I know that junior high is a tough age, but kids are so fragile at this point in their lives and someone needs to be there to mentor and believe in them. 

When my Area Director became prego, a lot of the responsibility got handed over to me -- which was daunting and super exciting all at once. So here I am, leaving for camp tomorrow at 5:45am on a bus full of junior highers and a mug filled with coffee. 

Young Life always promises it to be the best week of your life (if you're a kid). And if you're a leader...well you're in for a wild ride. I tend to get burnt out quickly, so would you mind praying for me and my team this week?

Pray for energy. Pray for strength. Pray for courage to CHASE after our kids as JESUS chased after us. Pray for a drama free week (for my girls in particular). Pray for safety. Pray for open hearts and ears. Pray that these kids would meet Jesus. Pray for my heart, that I would not be discouraged by the craziness. Pray for the junior leaders, for some of them this is their first time leading kids at camp. 

Pray for sanity and pray for rest. I think I will need extra doses of both. 

See you soon.

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