Friday, June 8, 2012

Insta Friday

I am saying hello to insta-friday because it has been SO long and I have a million pictures to post. 

Here's the past few months of life in a nut shell:

Hello childhood memories.

Hello nightmares after "Paranormal Activity 3". Hello sweet fiance trying to humor me out of my nerves.

Hello mini golf at twilight, you make for sweet dates with my hubs. 

Hello crazy mini golf course. You make me look more sucky than usual.

Hello Mother's Day. 

Hello adorable mug from Starbucks. I wish I still had the awesome discount!

Hello goofy t-shirt. Seth's humor is rubbing off on me, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. 

Hello roughest week of the year. Thank you Jesus for better times to come. 

Hello new phone cover, you are awfully cute. 

Hello sweet friend. I love you, and our hikes, and snakes. 

Hello closet of doom. I'm sure glad you are clean again. 

Hello car door. You certainly are sharp. 

Hello Giants. We enjoyed you for a few innings, and then we got tired. 

Hello friends, it sure is great to have you back in town. 

Hello motorcyle man, thanks for not dying. 

Hello GG bridge, I like you..but not your toll. 

Hello love, Happy Birthday!

Hello bffl, you sure are beautiful!

Hello again, I love happy hour and taco tuesday with you. 

Hello Benson, largest dog in the universe. I am still overwhelmed by your presence. 

Hello mustache of doom. I'm glad you are gone. 

Hello Foster City art and wine festival. 

Hello Hannah and Hayden. You both are amazing. 

Hello Dollar Store, you are strange. 

Hello 5:30am, I only see you once a week but you are spectacular. 

Hello 14 miles. 

Note to self: Insta-Friday should happen once a week, not once every 3 months.

Happy Weekend, Friends!!

life rearranged



    ((sorry for the yelling.....but OMG))

  2. I love perler beads and I feel like they should develop more adult crafts with them lol

  3. that d.a.tee is HILARIOUS!

    love those verses. i'm sorry for the trials, but, yeah for developing perseverance! i've been given many opportunities to do just that.

    did you cross the bridge on a motorcycle?!