Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Place to Land

Last month I told you how Seth and I's plans to move to Sacramento had fallen through.

We had been planning for almost a year to move there. We were both excited about living in a new place, close to Tahoe, close to fun activities, close to friends...and then it all vanished right before our eyes. The thing about trusting God, is that He always has what's best in mind, so we prayed and sought out the next step which has lead us to Gilroy.

You wouldn't believe the looks we get when we say Gilroy. I try and soften the blow with Morgan Hill -- but still, people try and convince me that its the armpit of California, and to be honest, I know it is.

The thing about following a dream, is that you don't always get to pick and choose where you end up -- and sometimes you have to end up in the armpit. That's straight wisdom, y'all.

Sometimes you have to go to the last place you thought you'd end up. Sometimes you have to live in a 400ft cottage instead of a 2 bedroom apartment. I certainly didn't think that as newlyweds we'd live a glamorous lifestyle anyways. 

But when we started praying about this direction last month, instead of just assuming that God was going along with our grand plan, there was peace and relief knowing that in His timing there would be an answer.  We I were patient and waited on the Lord, and He provided in our chaos and confusion. It took SO much strength for me to not go crazy researching schools apartments and jobs within minutes of finding out about Sacramento. It took even more strength for me to try and NOT control the situation, I am really good and wanting control -- trust me, I'm workin' on it folks.

And as of today we found a school, and as of today he is registered. HALLELUJAH!

We are moving to Morgan Hill/Hollister/Gilroy area. Please don't judge and tell me it's ghetto.

I'm pretty sure we can handle ghetto. We know it's not forever. And let's look at the bright side:
Seth will be close to the dirt-biking trails -- which means he will make me learn, which means he will be endlessly happy. Endlessly happy sounds pretty nice.

It turns out that trusting God with your big decisions in life is a pretty good idea, if you didn't already know that. 

And now my dreams of nesting, decorating, and house-making can really begin.

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