Thursday, June 7, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: A Little of This and A Little of That

Are you still in love with Pinterest? I think I'm still "in-like" but I feel like it's lost its luster. Regardless of that, there are still a million things I've pinned and want to try, so I'll keep revisiting my lonely boards!

Thanks Jess for this fun opportunity and challenge to make what we pin!

I have missed being crafty SO much. Last year when I was unemployed for a while I opened up an Etsy shop, because it seemed like I had endless amounts of time to create! But now, my days are filled with wedding plans, going to work, and being with my friends which are finally home from college.

This past Saturday I had quite a headache and spent the morning inside. My friend Haeley had recently gave me two canvases that she was about to donate, and I quickly jumped to save them from the Goodwill pile. I went on Pinterest to find some sort of artsy thing I could make out of these two 8x10 canvases. Here is my Pinspiration.

I quickly went on a mad search for my brush-on mod podge and had no luck, so following a tutorial was not going to be easy. With two canvases and 5 hours of free time, I had time to come up with something original.

I didn't want to mess up my first run with a blank canvas, so I went with something I had seen before. I remembered seeing the crayon craft go crazy with success all over pinterest and various blogs so I knew that would be a success. 

My first craft was this:

It looks cool..don't get me wrong. But I should have actually LOOKED at my pin before I glued crayons down...because I totally forgot to do one large rainbow instead of multiple rainbows. The colors all ran together and made a brown-ish type mess. 

Now just to go buy another box of crayons and try again!
(update: go to Walmart -- packs of 96 crayons for $2!!)

Here is my second project (the original-ish one):

I recently bought an old hymnal from the local used books shop. I was given my grandparents old hymnals but can't bring myself to ripping out the pages, so I went and got one that I had no emotional attachment to! I will be using the hearts as confetti for my wedding, but I will definitely hire one of my crafty friends to do that on our wedding craft extravaganza night instead of me doing all of them by myself! 

I love turning the pages and seeing old hymns that you never hear sung anymore. This hymnal even had the National Anthem in it! Not sure it qualifies as a hymn though..

Rock of Ages is one of my most favorite hymns, so when I stumbled across it I made sure I didn't punch any hearts out of it. Then I decided I would display it somehow..and this is what I came up with. Not really from a specific pin, but I really like how it turned out. 

I used hot glue to make the hearts stick and double sided tape for the paper. It is really thin so I didn't want to ruin it with something heavy duty. I will definitely be making more crafts from this hymnal, it is such a great way to preserve and cherish the songs that we love!

I look forward to moving in a couple months and decorating our new place with the stuff I create! The one request Seth had for decorating was that our walls are not bear, and that was music to my ears. I LOVE having the walls covered, it makes me anxious to be in a blank room!

Yesterday I went out and bought 6 shadow boxes. Yes, I said 6.
The crafting bug came around my house and bit me again.
Look out world, I've got some creative crap coming your way!

I'm excited to see what you guys have been making and baking!!


  1. this is a fun PTK. the crayon thing turned out cool - i like how you did it! :)

    and your hymn craft is awesome. is it going in a shadowbox?

    please keep us posted on all of your shadowbox creations. i kinda love them!

  2. oh I love the idea of testing the pins! I have some many I want to try...I just never seem to get to!

  3. jamie! LOVE the umbrella peeps with the crayons! super cute.

  4. I love seeing the melted crayon canvases! My girls would have so much fun making one, I will have to add it to our summer list. And, good tip on spreading out the colors!

  5. I love those crayons. I've seen a few floating around and I think yours is my fave so far. Well done, friend. And the hymnals??? DYING. So cute. Thanks for linking up.

  6. Great job with the hymnal, I love your creation. I like the idea of framing or using a meaningful one. Good idea for the hearts for your wedding. Just might use these ideas myself. Thanks for sharing.