Saturday, June 2, 2012

40 Miles in June

Ever since the beginning of time, I have hated running. Let's be honest, I hate all kinds of intense physical movement. Running, jogging, fast-walking, working out in general...I could be sedentary for life and die happy.

But there's a certain huge life event on September 7th called my wedding, and though I'd like to believe those commercials that sell electrically charged 6-pack ab creators that work while you sleep...I can't. And I might actually have to do some physical activity to look my best for my boo.

Seth swears I could gain 500 pounds and he wouldn't mind, but I'd rather not test that theory. 

Here's some more comic relief to prove my love of not exercising for the past 21 years. 

This is what I looked like until I was about 14. 

When I saw this insta a few days ago, I decided that walking 40 miles in June is something I could do.  I can walk a few days a week with my buds or my dog, have fun, and look great! My two close friends walk/run ALL the time so I can just join in. I've heard this rumor that it gets easier every time, and I'm tempted to believe it.

Today on June 2nd, I'm at 7 miles. Woot! 

I live in a super hilly area, so my butt is SORE, but it's that good kind of sore that makes you want to go back and do it again. It helps that my mom is out of town and the dog needs to be walked. Yesterday, the walk was so intense that my ridiculously energetic dog couldn't keep going. She started plopping on any shady spot she could find!

I love having a number to reach, and a place where I can easily track my miles, and get encouragement from some lovely ladies who hate exercising as much as I do (even if they don't admit it).  

So here's to 33 more miles. And a healthier, stronger, rock-harder, booty for the wedding!


  1. Great job Jamie! I promise it gets easier and heck if I can do it with asthma anyone can

  2. Saw your link at Abby's. I'm trying Weight Watchers' 6 week exercise challenge, and I LOVE this idea of trying to walk a certain number of miles in June. It's easier than counting points for me. :) Way to go!

    1. What is involved in the 6 week challenge? I love challenges that are short, it makes the goal so much more attainable!

  3. Found you through the link up @ Your soon to be hubby sound so sweet. I can so relate to your first paragraph. Always a challenge to get out there and move. But so good when we do. Go girl, you can do it!

    1. Looks like you made it here before my 10-4 post did :) Thanks for stopping by!