Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Monday: Surprise!

Last week I told you I had a secret...a secret I could barely keep myself from jumping for joy about. Well it was a surprise for Ashley, my good friend in Seattle, for her graduation.

Mel and I have been scheming on the best plan for the surprise, but honestly, any way to show Ash that I flew up from California was going to be epic.

You see, Ashley is known for her loud and bubbly personality. I could hear her and Melissa from outside of our apartment laughing their heads off on numerous occasions. We knew whatever her reaction was, that it was going to be GOOD. Loud, teary, maybe some pee.

There was definitely all three.

I flew into Portland on Thursday night where Mel lives, spent the night with her and stayed a few hours in the morning until we drove up to Seattle. We checked into our hotel, and rushed to eat dinner because we both couldn't wait for the surprise. We tried to wait until later when it would be less busy, but it was a 45 minute wait when we got to her bar -- oops. 

Mel and I ambushed Ash at her work, this swanky little lounge bar that happened to be PACKED on Friday night. We didn't care though, our hearts were beating out of our chests with excitement and we couldn't wait to see her. It had been almost 9 months since we'd all been together. 

She was super busy so we secretly followed her to a place where she didn't have drinks on her hands, and just stared creepily at her until she noticed us. It was so hard for me to keep composed at this point. I was a mess of tears, excitement, and joy! What happened next was a lot of shaking, screaming, hugs, and laughs -- just how we imagined it. 

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up, laughing, being ridiculous, and celebrating -- it was wonderful.

Now, lets say hello to all of my favorite moments.

Hello excitement. We were running out of energy trying to contain you.

Hello goofy girls. We had some time to kill, obviously.

Hello smart marketing. 

Hello SPU grads!

Hello cute family.

Hello favorite picture.

Hello lovely graduate, you're the greatest.

Hello freshman roomie! I miss your face all the time.

Hello ladies!

Hello crazy best friends. My life wouldn't be complete without you.

 Hello cutie. You are precious.

Hello Mazitlan Mexican dinner, you were delicious.

Hello champagne, thanks for being a great drink for celebrating.

Hello party time. You were fantastic, even though I only got 2 hours of sleep!

Hello craziest two weeks of life. I'm not ready for you yet.

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