Friday, May 4, 2012

Pintertest Kitchen: Rubberband Vases and Spray paint jars

I hate how Pinterest makes things look so easy.

So easy that you don't even need instructions.

Like this:

The description says: Vase, Rubber Bands, Spray Paint

Let's all smile and think how pretty and easy those look.

Now in real life...the rubber bands aren't ever tight enough and the paint seeps through! I even tried letting it dry overnight. It was a pretty sad event...especially when I was hoping to use these as candle holders for the wedding.

I can't quite figure out how to spray paint best without paint leaking underneath the rubberbands...and nowhere in any tutorial does it tell you that that might happen!

If anyone has figured out how to master this DIY please let me know. I LOVE the original pin, but I just can't figure out how to master this. 

Ok, now on to something a little more idiot proof.

Mostly idiot proof because apparently I suck at all things that have a DIY label in front of it. 

My outcome was a little bit better on these. But my paint still runs and gathers in awkward places. I guess this one will just have to take a little bit more practice.

I love the color I chose. It is perfect and springy and I want to spray paint every plain thing in sight after trying this.

Overall, there wasn't anything I could really use for the wedding. Which is a bummer because I am trying to be intentional about my crafts and make things with a purpose in mind. The wedding is kind of a major purpose, but I'll put these cute jars to good use...eventually.

Happy Pinter-testing!!

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