Friday, May 11, 2012

10 on 10: May 2012

More like 10 on 5. 
Because most of the hours I forgot to take a picture. 
And my day didn't really become exciting until 3:00.

But those 5 hours were pretty exciting. 
So here ya go:

1. I wore my new shoes to work. I was slightly nervous cause the place is old and dirty. But they survived. 
2. Coworker Joe tries to get me to do pushups while balancing on that middle beam. His idea of getting in wedding shape is killing me. 

In between work and car wash I had a meeting in Burlingame..and instead of the usual coffee date we went to cupcakes. I had a S'More Cupcake and it deserved a picture. But I devoured it too quickly to get one. Better luck next time!

3. After a meeting in Burlingame I went to my favorite car wash to give my new car her first wash. 

4. Who doesn't love when the soap covers the windows? I don't think I'll ever get tired of it!

5. Seth and I went to FreeBirds for the second time. I have to say, the first time I LOVED it, my work ordered it online and my salad was fantastic. This burrito bowl was very underwhelming...I was devastated. 

 6. Seth came up with a great idea right as I was about to take an evening nap. He taps my shoulder at 5:30 it went a little like this..
"Hey babe..what do you think about going mini golfing and grabbing drinks after?"
 I agree and then as we are getting on the freeway... 
"One time, I went to this mini golf place that had 3 different courses with different difficulties, it was awesome!" 
"Oh yea? Where is it? Do you want to go?"
" Sunnyvale, heck ya!"

-- Only later did I find out that he was going out on a limb and didn't think I would even say yes!--

We arrive and Seth chooses the most difficult course -- and it truly lived up to its name. 

7. I heart this guy. And his fun Thursday night ideas. 

8. Seth made a friend at the ticket booth (what else is new? He makes friends with EVERYONE) and got him to take a picture for us. 

9. This was one of the most difficult holes. The ball has to fly off a ramp and into the middle ring to get a hole in one. I think we each tried this one 4 times before getting it into the loser hole. 

10. And then we went to Chilis with one of Seth's coworkers that lives in the area. My first time there and I thought it was great! This was a Sangria Margarita and whoever came up with this fantastic concoction should win an award. It was fantastically yummy and I wanted another, minus the brainfreeze. 

So my not so exciting work day became a fun evening with my honey. I hope being spontaneous pays off more often!

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