Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Palm Springs, I Love You

I love your shuffleboard track

I love your poolside games

 I love your poolside in general

I love your fancy drinks

I love your ability to make happy people even happier

I love your sweet Air Museum

And that you cherish history (probably because of the high geriatric population)

I love that you make him so happy

I love your sunshine

And Seth loves your popcorn

I love your laid back vibe. I would never buy shoes like this if it wasn't for you, Palm Springs

I love your spirit

I love your BBQ pits

and I love your ability to give me a relaxing week off of life...
let us come back soon, my lovely Palm Springs.

1 comment:

  1. seth really thinks palm springs is awesome by all those thumbs up he is giving ;)

    can't WAIT to get back there myself.
    it's soooo sooooo relaxing there! ahhhh