Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Five Things For Today

Who doesn't love a little random post on a Tuesday?
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1. God is doing big things in our lives right now. It's exciting, and scary. Scary because I'm suddenly not in control and I'm afraid I'm going to sabotage things. But excited because when God is in control, he tends to NOT sabotage things. It's crazy and wonderful, and makes me flutter with excitement of what's coming.

I just finished Genesis for the first time, and I loved it. I was so excited to start Exodus that I found myself reading on my lunch break. What? Praise Jesus for what He's doing, clearly that is not a desire that I planted in myself.

2. Most of my friends know that I like to change furniture around...more than the average person. My bed in my parents house has probably been situated on every wall and faced every direction possible over the years. We currently don't have a lot of options for furniture spacing in our place, so to feed my need to rearrange, I moved my coffee maker to a new spot and created a new coffee corner. Obviously having a new coffee corner means you need a new mug, enter cutest ampersand mug in the world.

3. My husband is a rock star. Seth is going to be an intern in April for a major airplane...thing. I clearly don't know the technical stuff, but I do know that he is rocking it in school and I couldn't be more proud of him. 
The internship does kind of mess up our plans to go to Seattle though, which is a bummer, but I know there will be other opportunities coming..especially with a potential job change for me with substitute teaching. 

4. I'm kinda ready for winter to be over. I'm sure I will regret saying that when June comes and it is 100* outside and we are melting in our little attic of a home..but right now I'm kind of frozen in the morning. And I have to stand in front of the fireplace to warm up. 

5. We are taking the plunge and becoming members at our church. That is something I thought we wouldn't do for a long time, but we both feel God's call to commit and serve in this body. This is yet another place we are seeing God move. God is moving us out of our comfort zones and into a place where we are mold-able and movable and active. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous. 
Here is me and a couple girls in our neighborhood group doing dishes after group. Both of them have been such blessings in our new life in the South Bay. 

 I guess this is kind of how our conversation would go if we sat down for coffee. I'd be all over the place, spewing out random factoids at life to anyone who will listen, cause let's be real, I barely have time to talk to my husband about anything these days! I'll be back on Thursday to tell you about the amazing tarte I brought to said Neighborhood group.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. i love that God is working in your life right now, cant wait to hear the results! God is amazing!!