Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Felix Alexander: One Month

Dear Felix,
You are one month old.
You are 10 pounds and 3 ounces.
Your head is in the 97th percentile - that is crazy big.
The rest of you is growing pretty well too, in about the 70th percentile. 
You are quite the baby. 
In the past month your Dad and I have learned so much more than we ever thought possible about poop, pee, formula, bottles, and other baby bodily functions. 
We have finally settled on a formula for you. It is the fourth kind, but your tummy seems the least upset by this one. 
Speaking of formula, that stuff is expensive. Dang. I'm thinking about becoming an extreme couponer just to save some money. 
Speaking of eating, you are eating like a beast. In just over a week you have moved from 2.5oz per feeding to 4oz per feeding. You are quickly out growing all of your newborn clothes. 

Your nicknames have expanded quite a bit. We call you:
Dude, Little Dude, Bubs, Sir, Mister & Munch

Right now your favorite thing to do is pee on your parents. Yep, you do that just about every diaper change. 
You also like to blow bubbles from your sweet little lips.
You smell like heaven on earth. Oh man, newborn smell is something else.
When you're awake you like to flail your arms and legs all over the place, it's almost like you're making sure they are still there. 
You fall asleep very easily when your in your car seat going somewhere, so Mom and Dad don't mind taking you on walks or drives. 

You are starting to make more noises.
Yesterday your started cooing. It is awful cute. 
I look forward to your first words. 

You have a love/hate relationship with bath time.
We love it though. After a bath you sleep over 6 hours. 
We also like the way your hair is super fuzzy after a bath.

You also are awake a lot more during the day, I look forward to the days when you play with toys and laugh. I know they are coming soon and I can't wait!

You snore just like your Dad. But that's ok, it actually is better for your worrying mama who always is afraid you will stop breathing in your sleep. I can hear you breathing from the other room, always. 
You are also quite gassy.  Your Dad may have given you that lovely quality, because it's certainly not from me. I've heard the gassiness does pass, with time. Heh, heh. 
Speaking of gas, you F-U-S-S when you have gas. And you have gas after most feedings, so fuss is what you do all day. During that time we call you Mr. Fuss or Fussypants. 

You recognize your Mama's voice and face. I love the way you look at me.
You are startled easily by loud noise, yet you need some type of noise on to help you fall asleep.
Speaking of sleep, you are sleeping 6 hour stretches at night. THANK YOU! As if we didn't love you already, your sleep habits make it that much easier. 

You sure are C-U-T-E. 
Everyone tells us you look like a little old man, that your face is so adult like. We tend to agree. You never really looked like a newborn. 
Strangers tell us you look like your Dad. Family and friends tell us they can't really tell. We don't really know who you look like yet either! I'm sure that will change over time. 
Either way, we are captivated by you. 

Your parents are still getting the hang of everything. 
Sometimes we still give each other looks of panic when we can't figure out why you're crying.
But, we watched a pretty amazing video about understanding baby "language", or your cries. We feel like we have a much better handle on what your needs are.
The other night your Dad was in the other room and I was trying to sooth you, he said " I think he needs to burp." So, I picked you up and put you on my shoulder and you let out the loudest burp I had ever heard from you! Apparently Dad paid better attention during that video!

We took you to our church for the first time this past weekend, and you fussed the whole time. That's ok, we're lucky they record the sermons for us to listen to later!
We also took you to neighborhood group, you did really well! We kept you in the car seat the whole time and rocked you back and forth which kept you asleep for almost 3 hours.
If you had a favorite song I'm convinced it would be "Mama, Rock Me"....because you just loved to be rocked all day long!

Your Grandma comes and babysits you every week for a couple hours so your parents make sure to get some alone time. 
Alone time with each other makes us remember we're still a couple, and that we were a couple long before you got here! Our relationship definitely takes a little more work these days, but staying in love is at the top of our priority list. 
We realize that one of the best ways we can show you how to love, is to show you how much we love each other.

Oh Felix, what can I say?
You have turned our world upside down in the best way possible. 
I love your little life. 
I love that your name means "lucky". We are so lucky to have you. 
I can already tell how quickly time is going to by, time is a jerk like that. 
You're the greatest little baby we could ask for.
And, we love you somethin fierce. 

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