Tuesday, November 19, 2013

38 weeks. 11 days till D-Day.

How far along? 38 weeks & 3 days.

Baby size? Felix is about the size of a head of celery. He weighs about 7.5 pounds at this point.
What's he up to in there? 
Rolling around and making mama uncomfortable.
Eating has become a chore, so is sitting up. Every time I try to sit straight up his fit go right into my ribs which is really uncomfortable!

Total Weight Gain?
Not sure. They didn't tell me at my last appointment - hallelujah. One less thing to stress about.
That may have been why my blood pressure was so much lower than in the past -- they've stopped stressing me out about things I don't have a whole lot of control over!

Stretch marks? 
I think I'll take up being a tiger in my spare time after baby gets here.

This week I'm sleepig surprisingly well.
I've been getting 8-9 hours every night and usually only have to get up once.
I'd say thats pretty dang spectacular.

Best Moment?
On Sunday my girlfriends from Garden City surprised me with a sweet time of prayer and fellowship.
They had printed out verses for me to put in a jar for when I need encouragement.
It was so sweet!
I love the women that Jesus has placed in my life.

Another great moment was when a woman shouted across the grocery store to me how beautiful I look. 
When you're super pregnant and wobbling awkwardly everywhere you go, those words are like sweet, sweet music to your ears. 

Miss anything?
Comfort in general.
This baby bump has gone from "cute" to gigantically enormously obnoxious in the past few weeks.

Still lots of hiccups!
I wish this little man would move his way down and out soon! 
sweet stuff.
At the mere thought of chocolate, or cookies, or sugar my mouth starts to water.
I overheard the word shortbread in line at the post office today and hightailed it to the bakery afterwards.
I wish I was kidding about that last bit.

Just blech.
I feel stinky, tired, groggy, achy and...blech.


Labor signs? 
Braxton hicks & some cramping...
but nothing consistent.

Belly button?  
It is still not fully out..and it seems to have moved lower which means baby has dropped -- woo!

Wedding rings on/off?
 Still off.
I miss them a lot. 

I feel quiet. Most days I don't feel like making eye contact with people or creating conversation...not for any particular reason either, I guess I just don't feel very social. I'm hoping that is not the beginning of baby blues or a foreshadowing of PPD. PPD would be ironic because I cant think of anything that would make me happier than getting this baby out of me!

Looking forward to?
Meeting this baby!
Come on, dude...make your grand appearance already!

Anything else?
25% of all orders until Thanksgiving will be donated to victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Now is a great time to place an order in my shop!


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