Thursday, November 13, 2014

Felix Alexander: 11 Months

Dear Felix,
You are 11 months old.
Sorry I never got the chance to do your 10 month blog.
You see, you are on the move more than ever, which usually means you are moving yourself towards mischief. Anytime I have my computer open you insist on banging on the keyboard, and when I move it away from you you scream. So blogging or doing anything on my computer while you're awake is close to impossible.

You are one amazing little boy.
You are big. SO BIG. I taught you how to do "so big" the other day. If I ask you, "how big is Felix?" You lift your arms up when I say "SO BIG!"

This month you learned to drink with a straw! I was so happy when you did, no more tipping your head all the way back with a sippy cup. 
You also eat a ton of solid food. You love chicken, cheese, carrots, and strawberries -- and anything we're eating. 
You also really like ice cream, oops. 
You are a fierce Mama's boy.
This is what happened when I set you down so I coud use the bathroom yesterday. 
Your strong attachment has made sleeping very difficult. 
The 10 month sleep regression has been drawn out for 2 months now, but we put an end to it by saying goodbye to the pacifier last week. 
I also let myself get bit by the cosleeping bug recently, but I'm determined to make that stop -- especially since we are moving into Grandma and Grandpas house and you get to have your very own ROOM.
SAY WHAT! Let's all do a little praise dance for Mom and Dad having their own room again ;)

Speaking of sleep, a lot of your naps have to take place in the car because of how hard they are to achieve at home. 
But look at your sweet sleeping face!
You babble all day long, but if you are around strangers you are very quiet. It takes you a while to get talking around a group of new people.
Your favorite word is "dada" -- I thought I would be jealous of it, but the bond you have with your daddy is so sweet that I can't find the time to be jealous about it. 
Your favorite activities are spitting, crawling, chewing on your lovey, pulling your mamas hair, jumping in your crib, and playing with wheels. Boy, do you love wheels. In a room full of toys and other kids you will find something that has wheels on it. It is amazing to me how boyish you already are. 

Your nickname is still Turkey. Along with Turkeous Maxiumus, boose, bubbas, turk, and baby. Just to name a few. 
You fit your nickname really well. And I mean REALLY well. 
Get outta hear with that Turkey grin. My mama heart can't stand it. 

You don't like the word "no". And I find myself telling you "no" frequently because of all the trouble you get yourself in to! Let's see, just to name a few of the troublesome moments lately....
Pooping in the tub twice in one week. eating cat food, pooping on mom's arm and completely skipping the diaper, hitting your head on your crib, the bed, the wall -- hitting on your big old noggin on anything in sight. Oh also, you love to throw all of the food off your tray. That one really gets me. I can already see you looking at me with that same face as a teenager. Lord help us. You may be a fierce mama's boy, but I am equally a boy's mama. You may be naughty all day long but those eyes and that smile and those cheeks make me melt!
Last month we got to meet some new friends from Utah. Little Miss Hazel was born just a day before you, but you have been baby buddies since before you were born!
Last month we also got to see our friend Tori, who took some amazing family photos for us. 
Thanks for kind of cooperating. 

I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that you are going to be 1. 
It's true when they say that "the days are long but the years are short".
You are so loved, and such a special little boy. 
You light up our lives, despite all your Turkeying. 

A week from today is your first birthday party.
We are so excited to celebrate YOU my boy. 

I love you,
more than all the moon and stars. 

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