Sunday, June 8, 2014

Felix Alexander: 6 Months

Hey there Turkey Boy,
Today you are 6 months old. 
You are growing like a weed and now can wear 12 month size clothing. 
You have squishy thighs and cheeks, and the cutest nose I've ever seen.

You are still the happiest baby. You smile more often that not, make happy squeals, and your laugh is the cutest. The best way to make you laugh is to pretend to eat your belly, you love it. But sometimes I have to hold your hands down when I do that because you grab my hair like you're Jack Dawson in the final scene of Titanic. "Please let go, Felix. Please, just let go"

You are interested in everything around you. Particularly if it has a screen. 
You also love cold cups in your mouth and playing with straws. 
You grab everything. Faces, noses, blankets, pretty much anything within reach you try to touch.
When you see a bottle being prepared, you get so excited. And then you rush to stick the bottle in your mouth even when it's not turned the right way yet, as if there was a straw in there! You're an eager little guy who knows what he wants. 

Solid foods are going well. You like most things you've tried. Except peaches. Peaches are a no go. 
I hope you don't grow up to be picky like your mama. 

Your peaches face
This month we got a lot better with your sleeping patterns. You sleep almost 12 hours straight every night. Naps are getting easier too. 
But somehow we got started back on that dumb pacifier. You can't blame Mom and Dad though, a trip to Grandma and Grandpas is where that happened. 
But honestly, it extends your naps and helps with teething, so for now I'm choosing not to battle that beast -- again. 

This month you learned how to roll over, and now are starting to scoot and atempt to crawl. It's exciting indeed, but happening so fast at the same time. 
You can sit up for minutes at a time which will be a great skill for when you start officially modeling in a week or so. 
Can you believe it Felix? You're cute face is going to be famous! This is one of the photos from your audition/interview.

I promise I wont be one of those stage moms.
I just thought the opportunity would be fun for our whole family. 
And you're super cute so, why not?

This month we went on a couple of adventures.
We went hiking in Morgan Hill and beaching in Santa Cruz. 
I want to take you to as many fun places as possible while we still live near them. Our family may be moving further away from the coast and the mountains so we want to take advantage of the great place we live!

You love:
Bath time
Dad time
Sophie the Giraffe
Crinkly toys
Your toes
Waving your arms around when you eat

You dislike:
Vacuum cleaners
The sound of public toilets flushing
hand driers
Being pretend dropped
Though, you're warming up to Autumn. 

I know I keep telling you this, but watching you grow is amazing. 
I love watching your new skills and sounds, and I love seeing your little personality come to life. 
I love love love being your mama. 

My hope is that you know and feel how special you are. 
These past 6 months with you have been life changing and amazing. 
I hope you never get tired of all of my kisses. 
I hope you become a Mamas boy. 

I hope you keep sleeping through the night. It's kept me sane. And I like being sane. 

I hope I remember these days with you. The small details, I want to tuck them away in my brain. 

I love you, little man.
More than I knew to be possible.
You are lots of work, but tons of reward. 
Happy half birthday dear boy.


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