Friday, May 2, 2014

On Travelling Alone with a Baby

This past week I travelled to Portland to hang out with my two besties who happen to live there. 
It was a bold move, yes. With a 4 1/2 month old who hates napping, who spits up a lot, and a mom whos already exhausted having just started the day. 

My first order of business was taking care of the car seat. I knew you could probably rent one from a car rental company, but I didn't need a car. As I suspected, you can't rent a car seat without a car. I'm glad I have a best friend named Google, because I was quickly hooked up with a company called Baby's Away. For a relatively low price you can rent baby gear and have it directly delivered to whoever is picking you up at the airport. I decided to try a convertable car seat, since that's what I've been thinking of switching to now that Felix is much harder to carry in the infant seat. The seat was not as easy to maneuver as I had hoped, and it took a heck of a lot of propping up to get it where Felix was properly reclined. I now know that research is key when trying to find a convertable car seat!

The other peice of baby gear to tackle was the crib. Felix is still small enough for a bassinet, so I found a travel bassinet from Eddie Bauer that was light and small enough to fit in our luggage. It was definitely a good purchase, and I would suggest it for parents who are on the go! 

Felix is definitely a high maintence sleeper, I brought his snuggler, swaddle and enough blankets to hang over the top of the bassinet to make it dark. He also likes the sound machine on the iPad. I look forward to the days he doesn't need all of this fluff to take a nap!

At home, we use Dr. Browns glass bottles. I prefer the glass because it is easy to clean, doesn't hold smell like regular plastic bottles, and I believe is safer than plastic. While travelling though, for convenience I used the Playtex drop-ins bottles. The liners are disposable, so the only think I'm left to wash is the nipples! 
The bottle was shaped differently so Felix had an interesting time adjusting to them. The funny thing was he was trying to hard to hold it that he ended up sticking his thumb in his mouth while he was trying to drink it! 

If there's one thing I've learned since having Felix, it's to just say yes. 
Say yes when people offer to hold him, even if he's crying. They know you need a break.
Say yes when people ask if they can help. 

Many times during this trip I felt like I was losing my patience. Scratch that, I did lose my patience.
I definitely cried. 
I definitely didn't tell Felix I loved him enough. 
I definitely was harder on him than I could have been.
And the truth is, I know he's not fighting naps on purpose. I know its not a secret plot to make me crazy. It's just what babies do! 
Gosh, I wish that truth made it easier. 

Whether it was difficult or not, I needed this trip so badly.
I needed a chance to disconnect from the hard stuff going on at home, and to reconnect with my girlfiends.
I needed to be filled up again. 

In between the nap fighting, Felix was a joy as usual. 
He lights up every room that he's in. 
He smiles constantly. 

He was even great on the airplane, both ways.
Overall, it was a great trip.
It was exhausting, and next time I may just leave Felix with my mom or mother-in-law for the weekend! Though, I have a feeling things may get easier has he gets older. 
I eagerly await the day he can hold his own bottles and sit up! Also, Seth will most likely be with me next time so that should help too!

Good thing we don't have any more big trips planned until August :)

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