Thursday, May 8, 2014

Felix Alexander: 5 months

Dear Felix,
What a big boy you are!
You are growing up so fast, I love seeing the little boy you are becoming.
I love your fuzzy hair, your expressive eyebrows, and when you stick your tongue out and smile.
You are definitely above 16 pounds now, though we don't go back to the doctor for another month so we'll have to wait to find out the exact number.

I wont lie, this has been a very hard month for us.
The 4 month sleep regression hit hard, like a ton of bricks. We first had to sleep train you, something I thought I'd never have to do. And now, just had to re-train you after I let some bad habits start while we were traveling.
You also hate napping, which is fun (sarcasm voice). Here you are with Dad having a serious talk about the disaster naps. 
Most days I call you "Turkey". I'm not sure how turkeys associate with being stubborn, but in my head they do. You little Turkey, you. You are still also called Bubba, Sir, Bubs, and Dude. 
Dad mostly calls you Dude.

Aside from the nap situation, you are doing well.
You ate your first solids (sweet potato), which you really like.
You get to try carrots next week.
You took your first plane ride to Portland. You did wonderfully on the airplane, which I was so thankful for. I had three people after the flight come up to me at baggage claim with the people that picked them up wanting to meet you. "He is just the happiest baby!"
I smile politely and say "Yes, you say that what happens when it's time to get him to sleep!"
I don't want to sound ungrateful. I'm just tired, and cranky, and wishing sleep was easier. 

You loved meeting your Auntie Mel and getting to see Tia Ashley again.
And they certainly loved loving on you!

I learned that traveling with a baby is no joke. It takes a lot of patience (more than usual) and a lot of planning. Sometimes people ask if you ever make a sad face, because you are always so smiley. 
Exhibit A

You tried a convertible car seat for the first time, I'm still not convinced you liked how far it had you sitting up. But it was definitely easier to get you in and out of the car. We'll wait a while longer before switching! 
Lately you can't get enough of your toes! They are always in your hands. It has become very difficult to keep socks on you, you just pull them right off in order to get to your toes!
Speaking of pulling, you are pulling on hair, shirts, faces...pretty much anything you can grab. This is funny until your hands are covered in your own slobber and spitup and I suddenly find your hand in MY mouth. Fun times Felix, fun times. 

You are still learning to roll, you keep trying to go from back to belly but only get about half way. Or you fall asleep in the middle of it. The sleep was only temporary of course.
It's amazing to me that you keep getting cuter. 
This month we have a meeting with a modeling agency so we can properly share your cuteness with the world. I'm excited for the opportunity for you! Which reminds me, we need to go shopping for a proper outfit! 

Also, I hope you don't spit up in the middle of your photoshoot/interview.
You and your Dad have a special bond growing.
You light up when you see him or hear his voice, it is so sweet to see. 
Though, I light up the same way when he's I guess I'm not too surprised. 
You love playing with new toys, especially ones that make noise.
You also love to chew on anything and everything. 
Your favorite is mom's fingers, but you do not limit yourself to arms, shoulders, key lanyards, and of course your own hands. 
You also recently discovered cold glasses, and don't waste any time bringing them straight to your gums!
We're still discovering how to make you laugh. 
Sometimes its flying in the air, sometimes its stealing your nose, and some days it just happens when you're so overtired that all you can do is laugh.
Maybe I should try that too, laugh at the situation instead of get frustrated. 

You're still not a huge fan of tummy time. I'm trying to keep it interesting, but you won't last more than 10 minutes most of the time. 
But naked tummy time, you don't seem to mind that as much. I'm just afraid of the potential mess if you're naked for too long! You have the cutest little tush, Felix. 
I am still unsure about you getting an MRI at only 5 months old.
I feel uneasy about it. It doesn't feel right.
Your sacral dimple doesn't have any of the other warning signs, and it is obvious that you have excellent leg strength.
And yet, with our insurance we can't really get a second opinion because the process of examaning your sacral dimple is the same. 
I don't like the doctor who I've been discussing it with either, he's a big jerk and doesn't know how to talk to worried parents. Part of me doesn't want to go forward with the MRI just so we don't have to meet him. Also, because I don't think it's necessary at this point. 
I'm going with my instincts for now, little one. I hope they're right. 

Lastly Felix,
I hope you know what a special and loved baby you are. 
You are quite the amazing little human, and I marvel at your life.
Some days are hard, but you are teaching me patience and humility.
Most days are awesome, you bring joy and laughter into our home.
I look forward to the many more days and years we have together.
I love you,

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  1. I miss him. And I love when they eat their toes. Nothing cuter. xxoo