Thursday, March 27, 2014

1 Year Ago Today

Dear Felix,
On this day, one year ago, we found out about you. 
You were a BIG surprise.

Mama had been having a lot of backpain, unlike any other pain she'd ever had, so she decided to ask Dr. Grandma about it. 
Mama knew what she would ask first, so she decided to get that out of the way and just confirm that she WASN'T pregnant. 

Well, you can see where this is going.
When that little blue line appeared I started shaking and crying.
I walked in circles around our little apartment.
I put it down on the dresser to see if it would change, it didnt.
I called your Dad and he didn't pick up. So I called again and again, indicating it was an emergency. 

He picked up, in his semi-annoyed tone as if I was bothering him at school, which I was. 
"Um Seth, can you go outside?"
"Yea sure, why?"
"Actually, can you come home?"
"Seth.....I'm pregnant."
{sob, sob, sob, sob}
"Wait, I thought that wasn't possible?"
"Yea, me too"

Dad rushed home.
In the mean time, I called Dr. Grandma to cancel our lunch date. I had found the source of my back pain...ta-da!
I called work, because there was no way I could come in on time in this condition. 

We drove to Walmart to buy more tests, just to be sure.
More pink lines, blue lines, and yes appeared on the little screens. 
We were terrified. 
I remember as we drove to Walmart in complete silence, both of our minds racing, Dad said, "Well, this sucks."
Little did we know at the time what an amazing gift you would be.
You see Felix, we didn't plan on having a baby for a couple more years. We wanted Dad to be done with school. We wanted to be financially independent. We wanted a couple more years to just be, Seth and Jamie....instead of Mom and Dad.

We called Grandma and Grandpa Van Nuys, they were tearfully overjoyed. 
That made us feel a little better. 
Some family members weren't so excited about you at first, but thats ok. They are definitely excited about you now.

I headed to work, because I couldn't just skip out on a whole day last minute.
I called Tia Ashley on the way, you see, she and Auntie Mel had a bet. Mel thought I would get pregnant after a year of being married, but Ashley thought I would get pregnant after 6 months of marriage. 
Well, if you look at how far along I was and the date around when I got pregnant - it was exactly 6 months. 

I called Ashley in the car, knowing she probably wouldn't pick up.
But she did. 
She must have known.
"You may....have won a bet."
{insert screaming, crying, laughing, OMGing}

I got home from work that night around 9:45. 
Dad was hanging out at the computer. 
I walked in, sat on his lap and we hugged a long, silent hug. 
It was our silent agreement to accept our fate, whatever the cost, whatever the hardship.
We would hold hands, stay side by side, and walk down this wild road together.

And now, looking at you.
Almost 4 months old. 
Smiling and cooing your way into everyones hearts.
Life wouldn't make sense without you in it.

Thanks for being the best surprise your Mom and Dad could ever ask for. 
We love you. 

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