Saturday, February 8, 2014

Felix Alexander: 2 months

Dear Felix,
You are two months old.
You are 12 pounds and 9 ounces.
You little bruiser, you. 

You have approximately 800 nicknames nowadays. 
Chunk, Bubs, Bubba, Bud, Munch, and Mister are among my favorites.
You are changing ever so rapidly. 
You smile pretty often. Which makes me smile very often. 
Goodness gracious, you are just so cute. 
You really enjoy spitting up. 
I don't enjoy that so much, every shirt I wear is instantly a burp cloth 10 seconds after I put it on.
You don't really enjoy tummy time at all, but for a good reason. It's tough holding up a head that's the size of a small toddler. 
This week at the doctor your head size was above the 97th percentile marker. 
I'm seeing Jeopardy and other smarty pants game shows in your big-brained future. 
You are an easy baby.
You will sleep and chill out in anyones arms. 
You only fuss when you need to eat or be changed. 
Apparently you got your Dad's laid back personality. 
Halle-freakin-lujah to that. 
You love your mama, and stare at me often. I don't mind one bit. 
You make lots of adorable noises. 
You like to look at contrasting colors.
You also like to look at yourself in the mirror -- your goofy smile kills me. 
I really love to kiss your feet. They are so soft. 
The hair that you were born with is thinning out, and new, lighter hair is growing in. I wonder what color it will settle into. 
Your legs are starting to get fat rolls. It's the only time in your life when it's acceptable to be fat, so soak it all in while you can, bud. 

You usually sleep 6 hours at night. Sometimes more.
Halle-freakin-lujah to that, too. 
We got lucky with you, kid. 
I've been trying to transition you to your crib, but I love having you next to me in your bassinet at night. Those 4 feet across the room make a big difference. 

Your Dad and I got to go on a long-ish date to a Sharks game a couple weeks ago.
I thought about you the whole time. Your Grandma was sending me picture updates and I teared up looking at them.
How can I be so in love with someone I've only known for two months? 
Speaking of your Dad, you look just like him.
In an ere kind of way.
I really love being your mama. 
It's the best job in the world.
Speaking of jobs, I'll be starting to work part time soon. I have mixed feelings, but I know you'll be in good hands with your Dad and your Grandma.
It's amazing to watch you grow.
It also makes me sad, because it is happening so fast. 
My mom told me today that I'll forget these early days. I don't want to forget. Sometimes I wish you could stay this little forever. 
But, at the same time I'm excited to see the little man you are becoming. You will charm people with your sweet eyes, and that goofy little smile will have girls lining up at our door some day. 
It's hard to believe that just two short months ago I felt like you were going to be stuck in my belly forever. Every day that you weren't here dragged on. You had a highly anticipate arrival, sir Felix.

And all of that drama at the hospital when you arrived?
I'd do it all over again for you. 
Except I might make the executive decision to get an epidural if I had to do that. 
Some days I look down at my belly and mourn the fact that it looks so different, so stretched out. 
But the fact of the matter is,
my body had to stretch out in order to contain all of the love that you brought into it. 
And as the stretch marks begin to fade, my negative feelings towards them do too. 
Oh, Felix. 
Your life is evidence of grace. 
You are sweeter than sweet. 
I love you, precious boy.