Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh, Hey 23

Today's my birthday! 
A lot has happened in my 22nd year of life. 
I think back to where I was last year, living at home, not married yet, living in San Mateo close to all of my family and friends.
Here I am married, living in Gilroy, at a new church, with a new set of friends, oh and a baby on the way.
I am so thankful, so grateful, so in awe of how life has changed in the past year.
It has really been the best year ever. 

I feel like I have a really good grasp on who I am
I think that has come with growing more in my relationship with Jesus, being humbled every day in my marriage, and being thrown new circumstances and challenges all the time. 
I used to think I wasn't good at change, until I started thinking about all the change that has gone on and  how good I feel about my life after all of it. 
I'm thankful for my God who has been gracious to me in all of it.
The days he's been gracious in my cries of frustration, of helplessness, of loneliness, and utter disbelief that I am lovable to Him. 
I'm thankful He's been patient with me, too.
I'm thankful that He's God and that I don't have to worry about filling that role, ever. Because I would definitely suck at it. 

This is where I was one year ago:

Celebrating my birthday at home

Loving every minute of my besties visiting

Attending beautiful showers before the wedding

I was preparing to be a wife. Preparing to leave home and start a whole new chapter of life.
I think about how much young Christian women focus on being a wife and what that entails.
Cooking, baking, cleaning, decorating, nesting...
and how quickly those things lose priority.
Which is perfectly ok. 
Not that you shouldn't feed your husband and keep your house live-ably clean. 
But marriage is about so much more FUN than that. 
I also think of how thankful I am for Seth and that he doesn't care when the bed isn't made, the floor is covered in kitty litter and hair, and when the clean laundry has been clean for  week and is still in the hamper.
Since then I've done this:

bachelorette partied

ate lots of cake
and gained 10 pounds from it

honeymooned in Napa

We had our first Christmas -
it was slightly unconventional but definitely a memorable one.

honeymooned in New York City 
and the Bahamas

Life has really moved fast since we got back from our big honeymoon trip.
We bought a kitty. 
And we don't remember life with our little Peanut. 
Seth has continued to excel in school.
I was hired as a part time substitute teacher as I continue to work my job at the CRC call center. 
We became members of Garden City Church.
We found out we were pregnant.
 Ok well I'm the pregnant one. But it was a joint effort. 
We went to Seattle.

We continue to learn to rest in the plan that God has for us, and be ever so thankful for it.
Despite its unexpected twists and turns, it's really been wonderful. 
They say your first marriage is the worst or hardest one.
I don't believe it. 
Not one bit. 
I love what Seth had to say a few weeks ago, out of the blue he said:
"If I could do it all over again, I would have done it sooner."

Ok, back to the fact that it's my birthday.
I'm only 23, and I'm willing to bet the best is yet to come. 
Because that's how God is, He continues to give us joy despite the crazy circumstances - and there is so much more joy to be found resting in Him than freaking out about a plan for my life that I have zero control over. 

Here's to 23.
And becoming a mama. 
And having more adventures. 
And laughing at myself. 
And showing myself more grace.
And showing others more grace. 
And resting more in Jesus - becoming more like Him in everything that I do. 
And celebrating life - because it's so short, and so sweet and I want to drink it all in before it's over. 

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