Monday, July 22, 2013

My Favorite PinterTest of All

I started knitting sweet little Ashlyn Grace a blanket before she was born.... 6 years ago.

I was 16.
My knitting wasn't very good.
It's still sitting stuffed away in my closet at home,

My knitting still isn't very good.
But when I picked up crocheting and taught myself back in January, my eyes were opened to new possibilities.

I've always like crafty things, but I'm definitely more of an instant gratification craft person.
So, committing to a blanket is kind of a big deal.
But, you guys....

I did it.

When I found out Jess was pregnant with another little one, I got so excited.
First because, Jess & Dave make the cutest kids.
Second, because I had a new chance at finishing a blanket.

I started searching pinterest for the perfect pattern.
And by perfect I mean easy to follow.
Because as much as I love to crochet and am eager to learn new things, I kind of suck at fancy patterns.
This one seemed adorable, and easy enough to make.

Click here for pattern!

It took me a little over 5 weeks to finish.
A lot of counting, and recounting.
It's not perfect.
But I really love how it turned out. 

Here's a little bit of the progress:

This blanket also captured a lot of attention. People would ask me all the time what the story was behind it. And if I was having a girl based on the colors.
The day this picture was taken a woman stopped me and asked if she could take my picture, she thought I looked cute just sitting and crocheting the morning away. 

This is my favorite pinter-test of all time.
Because in a couple months a sweet little girl will be wrapped up in this warm blanket.
I can't wait to meet you sweet Holland. 
I hope you like pink & white chevron stripes as much as I do :)


  1. Also, MY favorite Pintertest of all time. I stare at this sweet blanket more than anything else. Such a labor of love. I can't wait until she snuggles with it. Thank you so much, Jaim. It turned out more Beautiful than I ever imagined. Love you. Can't wait to celebrate your sweet little man SOON!! xxoo

  2. for sure. well done. since there is no baby in my belly, could you make one for me?!?! or mylie? :)

    Jusssst kidding. :)