Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dark-Salty-Almondy-Chocolatey Goodness

I just passed these cookies around the office. 

Not my photo...mine weren't as yummy looking :)

I hear a lot of this:
"goodness gracious, what is this?!"
"dang these are good"

I'll be honest. These aren't MY personal favorite. 
I think it's because I know I messed up the recipe a little bit. 

I accidentally read "1/4 cup flour" instead of "1 & 1/4 cup flour" -- I added only 1/4 cup at first and realized at the end that it looked a little funny. So I added the next cup of flour but the dough was SUPER crumbly and I didn't know how to fix it.

This is why I avoid baking. Everything has to be exactly right all the time, I'm more of a estimator when it comes to cooking. I don't do exact measurements. I don't exactly like to follow directions all the time. 

I made Seth try one as soon as he got home, and he approved so I figured they couldn't be that bad.  I know it was more in my head that they were ruined.

I promise they're a hit- just make sure you add the right amount of flour the first time.
Our neighborhood group loved them on Monday night,
and here we are on Wednesday and they are as good as they were on Monday night.  
Still gooey and the chocolate chips a little warm, that's from sitting in my car in the sun little secret for making them taste fresh :)

All of that being said, you should probably go and make these. 
They are the perfect chocolate chip cookie for the adult pallet. A little salty, a little dark, and the almonds are the perfect touch. 

Original link and recipe can be found here.

Happy Wednesday!

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